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Snapshot from Funeral Home

Funeral Home, 1980


A woman goes to turn her grandmother's old home into a bed and breakfast... A home that used to be a funeral home.


Snapshot from The Treasure in the Forest

The Treasure in the Forest, 1980


An adaption of H.G. Wells horror story.


Snapshot from The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane

The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane, 1980


A king attempts to kill himself and his family after they are invaded.


Snapshot from Empire Strikes Back

Empire Strikes Back, 1980


Produced by Ken Films, this is a short version of Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back.


Snapshot from Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned

Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned, 1980


Dracula takes control of a Satanic cult to father a child.


Snapshot from Kung Fu Kids Break Away

Kung Fu Kids Break Away, 1980


A village tyrant is challenged by a traveller and three children.


Snapshot from Little Women

Little Women, 1980


During the civil war, four little women face dark days.


Snapshot from Virus

Virus, 1980


A virus wipes out almost the entire human race. All that's left are a handful of survivors in Antarctica.


Snapshot from The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu

The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu, 1980


A pair of patriots find themselves in trouble after they are sent to stop a fearsome gang.


Snapshot from Shadow Ninja

Shadow Ninja, 1980


A veteran plays both sides of the law.


Snapshot from Fist of Fear, Touch of Death

Fist of Fear, Touch of Death, 1980


A strangely estoric film about Bruce Lee.


Snapshot from Cry of the Innocent

Cry of the Innocent, 1980


A Green Beret investigates the plane crash that killed his family.


Snapshot from A Christmas Without Snow

A Christmas Without Snow, 1980


A divorced woman moves to a new city with her child, trying to build her life again.