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Snapshot from A for Andromeda - The Face of the Tiger

A for Andromeda - The Face of the Tiger, 1961


The sole surviving episode of this sci fi series.


Snapshot from Battle of the Worlds

Battle of the Worlds, 1961


A stray planet heads for Earth, bringing with it a tale of death and destruction.


Snapshot from Hercules and the Captive Women

Hercules and the Captive Women, 1961


Hercules discovers that Atlantis is plotting to take the world.


Snapshot from The Devil's Hand

The Devil's Hand, 1961


A man is haunted by visions of a beautiful woman.


Snapshot from The Phantom Planet

The Phantom Planet, 1961


An astronaut discovers a hidden planet.


Snapshot from Victim

Victim, 1961


A young man's death uncovers a blackmail plot against homosexuals in London.


Snapshot from Bus Stop

Bus Stop, 1961


The stories brought by the strangers moving through a town.


Snapshot from After Mein Kampf

After Mein Kampf, 1961


A post-war documentary about the rise and fall of Nazi Germany.


Snapshot from Hexen - City of the Dead

Hexen - City of the Dead, 1961


A witch is burned at the stake.


Snapshot from The Real West

The Real West, 1961


The real west was far harsher, and far less glamorous than Hollywood portrays.


Snapshot from Creature from the Haunted Sea

Creature from the Haunted Sea, 1961


A sailor decides to remove his fellow seamen, blaming a mythical sea creature.


Snapshot from Black Tights

Black Tights, 1961


A strange Parisian film across four different continuities.


Snapshot from Bloodlust

Bloodlust, 1961


A group of teenagers vacationing in the tropics take a boat to what they thought was a deserted island. There, they encounter a rich, and eccentric landowner.


Snapshot from Very Important Person

Very Important Person, 1961


British POWs discover a new prisoner is an officer who must be freed at any cost.


Snapshot from No Place Like Homicide!

No Place Like Homicide!, 1961


All he has to do to inherit is spend the night in a creepy house with the rest of his relatives. What could go wrong?


Snapshot from Beast of Yucca Flats

Beast of Yucca Flats, 1961


A Soviet scientist is caught up in a radioactive explosion and survives... With consequences for everyone.


Snapshot from Five Minutes to Live

Five Minutes to Live, 1961


A suburban bank robbery goes sideways.


Snapshot from Three Blondes in His Life

Three Blondes in His Life, 1961


An insurance investigator hunts for a missing colleague.


Snapshot from Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory

Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory, 1961


Students at a girls' school begin turning up dead.