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Snapshot from Malice in the Palace

Malice in the Palace, 1949


The Three Stooges run a restuarant in the desert.


Snapshot from Mr Adam's Bomb

Mr Adam's Bomb, 1949


A family suspect their eccentric Uncle of trying to construct a bomb in this somewhat rare film, starring an all-black cast.


Snapshot from Little Audrey, the Lost Dream

Little Audrey, the Lost Dream, 1949


A young girl helps a lost dream find it's way back to Dreamland.


Snapshot from Bertha - The Marriage Wows

Bertha - The Marriage Wows, 1949


Everyone is preparing for the sudden marriage of Bertha Mouse to Edgar Elephant.


Snapshot from The Case of Charles Pierce

The Case of Charles Pierce, 1949


A respected businessman lives a double life.


Snapshot from Doggone Tired

Doggone Tired, 1949


A crafty rabbit attempts to tire out the dog set to hunt him in the morn.


Snapshot from Jigsaw

Jigsaw, 1949


An Assistant District Attorney investigates a series of murders, but finds something worse.


Snapshot from The Great Dan Patch

The Great Dan Patch, 1949


Based on the story of the legendary trotting horse.


Snapshot from The Man on the Eiffel Tower

The Man on the Eiffel Tower, 1949


Maigret investigates the murder of a rich Parisian widow.


Snapshot from Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific, 1949


As a new mountain pass opens up for the railway, conflict drives people apart.


Snapshot from Impact

Impact, 1949


An unfaithful wife plots to murder her husband, but things don't go as planned.


Snapshot from D.O.A

D.O.A, 1949


A man finds he's been fatally poisoned and only has a few days left to live... And sets out for vengeance.


Snapshot from Port of New York

Port of New York, 1949


Two narcotic agents take on an international smuggling ring.


Snapshot from Outpost in Morocco

Outpost in Morocco, 1949


A Moroccan Outpost faces imminent attack by Beduin rebels.


Snapshot from Rim of the Canyon

Rim of the Canyon, 1949


A stolen horse reappears in a ghost town.


Snapshot from Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, 1949


A young girl falls down a rabbithole into another world.


Snapshot from Riders of the Whistling Pines

Riders of the Whistling Pines, 1949


A gang of cowboys are destroying the forest.


Snapshot from The Black Book

The Black Book, 1949


The book is a list of names, slated for the guillotine.


Snapshot from Africa Screams

Africa Screams, 1949


Abott & Costello star in this film about Africa, diamonds, lies, and the depths of the jungle.


Snapshot from Stop Press Girl

Stop Press Girl, 1949


An attractive young lady has the power to stop machinery.


Snapshot from The Inspector General

The Inspector General, 1949


An idiot is mistaken for an undercover agent.


Snapshot from State Department File #649

State Department File #649, 1949


A US Foreign Service officer struggles against a Chinese warlord about to execute American citizens.