1878 films and counting...


Snapshot from William Comes to Town

William Comes to Town, 1948


He attempts to secure more pay and shorter hours for schoolboys.


Snapshot from Dr. Painless

Dr. Painless, 1948


Calamity Jane is broken out of the sheriff's jail.


Snapshot from He Walked by Night

He Walked by Night, 1948


The hunt for a cop-killer.


Snapshot from Sleep, My Love

Sleep, My Love, 1948


A woman wakes up on a train with no memory of how she got there.


Snapshot from So This Is New York

So This Is New York, 1948


A small town man inherits a fortune and moves his family to the city.


Snapshot from Race Street

Race Street, 1948


A police lieutenant and a bookie look into the death of a friend.


Snapshot from Who Said That?

Who Said That?, 1948


A surviving episode from a quiz show about the news of the day.


Snapshot from The Inheritance

The Inheritance, 1948


A British heiress goes to live with her guardian, who wants her out of the way.


Snapshot from Under California Stars

Under California Stars, 1948


A rancher hunts down a gang holding a hostage.


Snapshot from Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven

Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven, 1948


A playwright and a woman leaving her life behind find each other at a gas station.


Snapshot from Short'nin' Bread

Short'nin' Bread, 1948


Baked goods and a song to get stuck in your head.


Snapshot from Ruthless

Ruthless, 1948


A poor boy is rescued by a rich girl.


Snapshot from Little Brown Jug

Little Brown Jug, 1948


An accident causes an apple cider flood, and all the animals get tipsy.


Snapshot from Parole Inc.

Parole Inc., 1948


An officer is sent to investigate corruption in the parole system.


Snapshot from Who Killed Doc Robbin

Who Killed Doc Robbin, 1948


Trapped in a classic horror movie mansion, visitors trangle with a mad scientist.


Snapshot from My Dear Secretary

My Dear Secretary, 1948


A romance novelist hires a new secretary.


Snapshot from The Amazing Mr. X

The Amazing Mr. X, 1948


A woman hears her dead husband, and turns to a mysterious stranger for help.


Snapshot from Mother's Day

Mother's Day, 1948


An experimental film about the relationship between a mother and son.


Snapshot from Sleeping Car to Trieste

Sleeping Car to Trieste, 1948


Spies hunt for a missing journal.


Snapshot from Spring in a Small Town

Spring in a Small Town, 1948


A story of a woman with a love dilemma.



Snapshot from Women in the Night

Women in the Night, 1948


Sex slaves serving the officer's mess in Germany near the end of the war attempt to destroy the plans for a cosmic death ray.


Snapshot from The Time of Your Life

The Time of Your Life, 1948


Some come for work, some for talk. All come to the Saloon.


Snapshot from Speed to Spare

Speed to Spare, 1948


An ex-stunt driver makes enemies on the trucking long haul.


Snapshot from The Quiet One

The Quiet One, 1948


The rehabilitation of scarred and abused child from the Witwyck School.


Snapshot from Woman in Brown

Woman in Brown, 1948


A baron attempts to force a group of Jews from their home after he discovers oil in the land below.


Snapshot from Nothing Venture

Nothing Venture, 1948


Spies, horse racing and a ray gun capable of downing planes feature in this adventure picture.