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Snapshot from Spoilers of the North

Spoilers of the North, 1947


A womaniser abuses his relationships to get ahead in business.


Snapshot from Scared to Death

Scared to Death, 1947


Murder, hypnotism, a midget and a man in a mask.


Snapshot from The Fabulous Dorseys

The Fabulous Dorseys, 1947


A songwriter finds out his girlfriend is going to be an artist's model.


Snapshot from Harold Diddleblock

Harold Diddleblock, 1947


A man has dreams of romance and success... Until he gets fired.


Snapshot from The Paradine Case

The Paradine Case, 1947


A London barrister falls for the woman he is defending.


Snapshot from When the Bough Breaks

When the Bough Breaks, 1947


A young mother struggles to let go after putting her child up for adoption.


Snapshot from Open the Door Richard

Open the Door Richard, 1947


A short comedic film starring Dusty Fletcher, inspired by the jazz classic of the same name.


Snapshot from Seven were Saved

Seven were Saved, 1947


A military transport crashes into the South China Sea.


Snapshot from Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street, 1947


When a man claiming to be Santa Claus is institutionalised, a lawyer decides to defend him as the real thing.


Snapshot from Reet, Petite, and Gone

Reet, Petite, and Gone, 1947


A wealthy musical star is dying, but has a last dream to unite his son and the daughter of a long lost love.


Snapshot from Bells of San Angelo

Bells of San Angelo, 1947


Roy Rogers stars in this Western, where a cowboy teams up with a novelist to stop a group of smugglers and stumbles onto something more.


Snapshot from Little Lulu - Cad & Caddy

Little Lulu - Cad & Caddy, 1947


A golfer promises a little girl a lollipop for caddying for her, but turns out to be a total cad.


Snapshot from My Favourite Brunette

My Favourite Brunette, 1947


A man on death row explains how he got there.


Snapshot from Dick Tracy meets Gruesome

Dick Tracy meets Gruesome, 1947


Dick Tracy is chasing a bank robber who employs nerve gas.


Snapshot from The Road to Hollywood

The Road to Hollywood, 1947


The rise of Bing Crosby.


Snapshot from Katy's Love Affair

Katy's Love Affair, 1947


The lives of one British family through three ways, and four generations.


Snapshot from Open the Door Richard

Open the Door Richard, 1947


A short comedic film starring Dusty Fletcher, inspired by the jazz classic of the same name.


Snapshot from Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl, 1947


A tale of two men, and the girl who loves them.


Snapshot from It's a Joke, Son!

It's a Joke, Son!, 1947


A financially troubled senator is forced into a political race with his wife.


Snapshot from Fear in the Night

Fear in the Night, 1947


A man dreams of murder... But begins to suspect it wasn't just a dream.


Snapshot from Sing a Song of Six Pants

Sing a Song of Six Pants, 1947


The Three Stooges are tailors.


Snapshot from The Brideless Groom

The Brideless Groom, 1947


One of the Three Stooges inherits a fortune - on the condition he marry. Before 6PM.


Snapshot from Hi-De-Ho

Hi-De-Ho, 1947


A jazz-fest of music and love affairs.


Snapshot from Midget Car Maniacs

Midget Car Maniacs, 1947


Abbott and Costello have fun with small cars.


Snapshot from The Best Years of Our Lives

The Best Years of Our Lives, 1947


Three World War II veterans return home, to a different world to the one they left.


Snapshot from Angel and the Bad Man

Angel and the Bad Man, 1947


John Wayne stars as Quirt Evans, a villain who is nursed back to health by a Quaker. He finds himself between two worlds.


Snapshot from Queen of the Amazons

Queen of the Amazons, 1947


A woman hunts for her missing husband in jungle.