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Snapshot from Song for Miss Julie

Song for Miss Julie, 1945


A Broadway writing team visit the descendants of a songwriter.


Snapshot from Detour

Detour, 1945


A hitchhiker takes the identity of a cab driver after he dies.


Snapshot from Nazi Concentration Camps

Nazi Concentration Camps, 1945


Produced for the US Department of Defense, this is the graphic and disturbing footage of survivors, and those not so lucky.


Snapshot from Shadows of Death

Shadows of Death, 1945


The railroad is coming to town, and trouble is expected.


Snapshot from White Pongo

White Pongo, 1945


Scientists venture into the jungle in the search for an albino ape.


Snapshot from Utah

Utah, 1945


A plan to trick a new ranch owner out of her property goes sideways.


Snapshot from Wildfire

Wildfire, 1945


A wild horse takes the blame of a rustler.


Snapshot from War Comes to America

War Comes to America, 1945


This documentary looks at the factors leading up to the USA's entry into WWII.


Snapshot from Appointment in Tokyo

Appointment in Tokyo, 1945


Four years of war in the pacific, leading up to the defeat of Japan, these documentary shows the men in the field during World War II.


Snapshot from The Last Chance

The Last Chance, 1945


Prisoners escaaping a Nazi prison train head for the Italian Underground.


Snapshot from The Stork Club

The Stork Club, 1945


A greeting girl saves a man from drowning.


Snapshot from Jerky Turkey

Jerky Turkey, 1945


New pilgrims attempt to get some dinner.


Snapshot from You Drive Me Crazy

You Drive Me Crazy, 1945


It starts when he goes to lend his brother-in-law his car...


Snapshot from Captain Kidd

Captain Kidd, 1945


The ruthless Pirate Kidd has convinced the king to make him the escort for a treasure ship.


Snapshot from Chimp the Aviator

Chimp the Aviator, 1945


A chimpanzee shows off it's acrobatic skills.


Snapshot from Scarlet Street

Scarlet Street, 1945


A couple attempt to con a man in the middle of a midlife-crisis.


Snapshot from Fog Island

Fog Island, 1945


An inventor, recently released from prison, invites his former business partners over.


Snapshot from Northwest Trail

Northwest Trail, 1945


A mountie escorting a woman across the mountains runs across an illegal mining operation.


Snapshot from Submarine Warfare

Submarine Warfare, 1945


The story of the men beneath the sea in the early days of American involvement in WWII.


Snapshot from Midnight Manhunt

Midnight Manhunt, 1945


A gangster is killed and his package stolen. A reporter hides the body, trying to get the scoop.


Snapshot from The Battle of San Pietro

The Battle of San Pietro, 1945


The story of San Pietro, an Italian village where over 1000 US soldiers died.


Snapshot from Delightfully Dangerous

Delightfully Dangerous, 1945


A young girl visits her older sister, a performer in New York.


Snapshot from Phantom of 42nd Street

Phantom of 42nd Street, 1945


A theatre critic teams up with the police to investigate the death of an actor.


Snapshot from The Stilwell Road

The Stilwell Road, 1945


The construction of a 478mile stretch of road, from India to Myanmar.


Snapshot from Dick Tracy Detective

Dick Tracy Detective, 1945


Dick Tracy is on the tail of a serial killer, known as Splitface.