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Snapshot from Lights of Old Sante Fe

Lights of Old Sante Fe, 1944


Two rodeos compete, getting downright dirty.


Snapshot from Waterfront

Waterfront, 1944


A Nazi spy loses his codebook.


Snapshot from That's My Baby

That's My Baby, 1944


A daughter and her boyfriend scheme to find her father love.


Snapshot from Attack! The Battle for New Britain

Attack! The Battle for New Britain, 1944


Arawe Beach and Cape Gloucestor, New Britain, the site of a decisive conflict between Allied Forces and the Japanese strongholds in the Pacific.


Snapshot from Million Dollar Kid

Million Dollar Kid, 1944


The East Side Kids save a millionaire from a mugging.


Snapshot from The Battle of China

The Battle of China, 1944


The official USA account of China's defense against Japan during WWII.


Snapshot from The Memphis Belle

The Memphis Belle, 1944


A documentary following the 25th bombing run of the Memphis Belle during WWII.


Snapshot from Machine Gun Mama

Machine Gun Mama, 1944


Following car trouble, a couple try and sell an elephant.


Snapshot from Oath of Vengeance

Oath of Vengeance, 1944


A new store owner is drawn into a battle between farmers and cattlemen.


Snapshot from Swing Hostess

Swing Hostess, 1944


A big band singer takes a job as an operator for a jukebox company.


Snapshot from Nabonga

Nabonga, 1944


A treasure hunter looks for a downed plane in Africa.


Snapshot from One Body Too Many

One Body Too Many, 1944


An insurance investigator is sent to protect a millionaire who has received death threats.


Snapshot from The Monster Maker

The Monster Maker, 1944


Science is a powerful weapon in the hands of a ruthless man.


Snapshot from Seven Doors to Death

Seven Doors to Death, 1944


A shot in the dark, a damsel in distress, and a body. A twisted mystery begins.


Snapshot from Minstrel Man

Minstrel Man, 1944


Follows a singer in a minstrel show.


Snapshot from Dangerous Passage

Dangerous Passage, 1944


A man heads home to collect a large inheritance... But picks the wrong boat.


Snapshot from Navy Way

Navy Way, 1944


A series of young men make their way through Navy boot camp.


Snapshot from Law Men

Law Men, 1944


A marshall infiltrates a bank robbery gang.


Snapshot from Attack in the Pacific

Attack in the Pacific, 1944


The US and Japan fought over a small series of otherwise insignificant islands in the Pacific throughout the war. These are their stories.


Snapshot from Bluebeard

Bluebeard, 1944


In Paris, an artist makes his living by painting portraits.


Snapshot from Shake Hands with Murder

Shake Hands with Murder, 1944


A female bond-broker and her partner try and prove his innocence.


Snapshot from Since You Went Away

Since You Went Away, 1944


Whilst her husband is away fighting in World War II, she tries to hold together the fragile lives of her daughters.


Snapshot from Cowboy and the Senorita

Cowboy and the Senorita, 1944


A young girl inherits a gold mine, planting her squarely in the sights of the town boss.


Snapshot from Rogues' Gallery

Rogues' Gallery, 1944


A reporter and photographer are caught up when a new listening device becomes the center of a story involving death and disappearing bodies.