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Snapshot from The Black Raven

The Black Raven, 1943


$50,000 and two murders. Things are on the line.


Snapshot from Combat America

Combat America, 1943


The story of the 351st Bombardment Group, a US unit stationed in England during WWII.


Snapshot from Gung Ho!

Gung Ho!, 1943


The true story of Carlson's Raiders, and their daring attack on Makin Island during World War II.


Snapshot from Submarine Alert

Submarine Alert, 1943


Nazi spies broadcast top secret information to a waiting Japanese submarine.


Snapshot from The Outlaw

The Outlaw, 1943


A woman comes between three of the legends of the west.


Snapshot from Sherlock Holmes in Washington

Sherlock Holmes in Washington, 1943


Sherlock and Watson attempt to protect a secret document from falling into the wrong hands.


Snapshot from Frankenstein meets the Wolfman

Frankenstein meets the Wolfman, 1943


A man with a secret saves Frankenstein's monster from the ice.


Snapshot from The Kansan

The Kansan, 1943


An injured cowboy wakes up in hospital.


Snapshot from Desert Victory

Desert Victory, 1943


This film examines the battle of Alamein, a key turning point in World War II.


Snapshot from Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, 1943


An orphan with a rough past is hired by a young lord to care for his daughter.


Snapshot from The Nazis Strike

The Nazis Strike, 1943


The official US account of the prelude to war.


Snapshot from Kid Dynamite

Kid Dynamite, 1943


An east side boxer is kidnapped before his championship match against a west side opponent.


Snapshot from The Man from Music Mountain

The Man from Music Mountain, 1943


Shepherds and cattlemen clash.


Snapshot from Hi Diddle Diddle

Hi Diddle Diddle, 1943


A bride's mother is swindled, and the groom's father sets out to fix it.


Snapshot from Somewhere in Civvies

Somewhere in Civvies, 1943


A discharged soldier struggles to adapt to civilian life.


Snapshot from Dead Men Walk

Dead Men Walk, 1943


A kindly doctor's twin died in what the doctor called self defence... But the man doesn't stay in his grave.


Snapshot from Prison Mutiny

Prison Mutiny, 1943


A playboy is arrested after his stolen car is used in a holdup.


Snapshot from So This is Washington

So This is Washington, 1943


Two men think they've solved the rubber crisis - with licorice.


Snapshot from Occult Forces

Occult Forces, 1943


A French politician is drawn into a Masonic conspiracy.


Snapshot from Western Cyclone

Western Cyclone, 1943


A cowboy is trying for the impeachment of a governor.


Snapshot from Clancy Street Boys

Clancy Street Boys, 1943


An East Side Kids movie. The boys pretend to be Muggs' family for his rich uncle.


Snapshot from Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer, 1943


A US documentary looking at the propoganda in Europe during World War II


Snapshot from Yellow Canary

Yellow Canary, 1943


A woman wrongly accused of being a Nazi sympathizer is forced to move to a new city.


Snapshot from Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon, 1943


Sherlock rescues an inventor from a Nazi bomb plot, but the man still vanishes.


Snapshot from Silver Spurs

Silver Spurs, 1943


Control of a ranch is up for grabs, and the Roy is the perfect fallguy.


Snapshot from Report from the Aleutians

Report from the Aleutians, 1943


Oscar-nominated documentary of the life of US soldiers defending the Alaskan Aleutian islands during World War II.


Snapshot from The Adventures of Tartu

The Adventures of Tartu, 1943


A bomb disposal agent is sent deep behind enemy lines.


Snapshot from Aerial Gunner

Aerial Gunner, 1943


Basic training, rivals, and a woman. A timeless story.


Snapshot from Jack London

Jack London, 1943


An exploration of the life of the authour, Jack London.


Snapshot from December 7th, 1941

December 7th, 1941, 1943


A docudrama covering the events of Pearl Harbour, and the entry of the USA into World War II.


Snapshot from Negro Soldier

Negro Soldier, 1943


WWII propoganda film aimed at African Americans. Language is reflective of the time, not what may be acceptable today.