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Snapshot from Smart Alecks

Smart Alecks, 1942


A boy creates his own trouble when he aids in the capture of a wanted man.


Snapshot from Private Buckaroo

Private Buckaroo, 1942


A US army enlistment propoganda film.


Snapshot from A Yank in Libya

A Yank in Libya, 1942


An American reporter, an Arab coup, and a beautiful woman.


Snapshot from Junglebook Sabu

Junglebook Sabu, 1942


A boy raised by wolves attempts to adapt to village life.


Snapshot from Prelude to War

Prelude to War, 1942


A US propoganda film outlining the enemies of the Allies and why they must be fought.


Snapshot from Texas to Bataan

Texas to Bataan, 1942


A group of cowboys capture a Japanese spy in the midst of a major shipment.


Snapshot from Lady Gangster

Lady Gangster, 1942


A woman who played decoy in a bank robbery is caught, her former childhood sweetheart rushes to her rescue.


Snapshot from Black Dragons

Black Dragons, 1942


A group of 5th Columnists are systematically murdered. Dick Martin gets the case!


Snapshot from Mr. Wise Guy

Mr. Wise Guy, 1942


The East Side Kids are sent to a high end reform school after being convicted of stealing a truck.


Snapshot from Western Mail

Western Mail, 1942


A young man gets mixed up with a group of thieves hitting the mail line.


Snapshot from The Corpse Vanishes

The Corpse Vanishes, 1942


A scientist is a plague upon the shadows of the night.


Snapshot from Superman

Superman, 1942


Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane! It's Superman!


Snapshot from The Mad Monster

The Mad Monster, 1942


A scientist pursues his theories whilst the world ridicules him.


Snapshot from The Battle of Midway

The Battle of Midway, 1942


The Japanese attack on Midway - filmed as it happened.


Snapshot from Eyes in the Night

Eyes in the Night, 1942


A blind detective investigates a murder, and discovers something far more sinister.


Snapshot from Yanks are Coming

Yanks are Coming, 1942


A patriotic musical set in the time it was filmed.


Snapshot from Walking Nightmare

Walking Nightmare, 1942


A wise-cracking detective is called in to find a rich kidnapping victim.


Snapshot from Mad Monster

Mad Monster, 1942


In order to prove his theories, a scientist transforms his assistant into a beast.


Snapshot from Babyface Morgan

Babyface Morgan, 1942


A mob boss dies, and an oppotunistic lieutenant leaps in to wrestle control.


Snapshot from Arizona Stagecoach

Arizona Stagecoach, 1942


The Range Busters help out a man framed in this fast-paced Western.


Snapshot from 'Neath Brooklyn Bridge

'Neath Brooklyn Bridge, 1942


The East Side Kids protect a girl framed for murder.


Snapshot from X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot, 1942


A private detective hunts his father's killers.


Snapshot from The Battle of Russia

The Battle of Russia, 1942


The official USA account of Russia's defense against Nazi Germany.


Snapshot from The Payoff

The Payoff, 1942


A district attorney is murdered, but a reporter thinks there is more to the story.


Snapshot from Let's Get Tough!

Let's Get Tough!, 1942


The East Side Kids taken on Japanese Spies.


Snapshot from Billy the Kid Trapped

Billy the Kid Trapped, 1942


Horse chases, gun fights, fist fights and romance. It's Billy the Kid!


Snapshot from The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain, 1942


The official USA account of Great Britain following Dunkirk.


Snapshot from South of Santa Fe

South of Santa Fe, 1942


New Mexico, gold mining, and kidnapping.


Snapshot from American Empire

American Empire, 1942


Two men against rustlers, the harsh American west, and each other.


Snapshot from So's Your Aunt Emma!

So's Your Aunt Emma!, 1942


An old lady gets caught up in boxing, and gangland murder.


Snapshot from The Bashful Bachelor

The Bashful Bachelor, 1942


Chaos errupts in a small town as a shy man attempts to impress the woman he wants to marry.


Snapshot from Panther's Claw

Panther's Claw, 1942


A man is arrested as he breaks into a cemetary, following a blackmail letter.