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Snapshot from Fiesta

Fiesta, 1941


A woman returns to Mexico after a long absence, and everyone expects her to marry her childhood sweetheart... Until she arrives with a fiance.


Snapshot from The Common Touch

The Common Touch, 1941


A young man takes over the family firm in London.


Snapshot from Underground Rustlers

Underground Rustlers, 1941


The Range Busters are sent to deal with a series of bullion heists.


Snapshot from Parachute Battalion

Parachute Battalion, 1941


A pre-Pearl Harbor recruiting film.


Snapshot from The Miracle Kid

The Miracle Kid, 1941


A fighter's lovelife becomes a target after he becomes famous.


Snapshot from Penny Serenade

Penny Serenade, 1941


A woman looks back as she prepares to leave her husband.


Snapshot from Bowery Blitzkrieg

Bowery Blitzkrieg, 1941


A cop tries to save a street-fighting kid... Whilst another is dragged out of the classroom into the same bloodied streets. An East Side Kids film.


Snapshot from Zis Boom Bah

Zis Boom Bah, 1941


A performer finds her son who thought she was dead, but he's terrible. So she decides to set him straight.


Snapshot from All-American Co-Ed

All-American Co-Ed, 1941


Boy pretends to be girl, falls in love with girl, now he has to get out, without losing her!


Snapshot from Gabby - Goes Fishing

Gabby - Goes Fishing, 1941


Gabby lends a fisher his expertise... Whether or not they want it.


Snapshot from Road Show

Road Show, 1941


A man who realises he's about to marry a gold-digger feigns insanity to get out... But it doesn't go so well.


Snapshot from The Ghost Train

The Ghost Train, 1941


A phantom train approaches an isolated station.


Snapshot from Sundown

Sundown, 1941


A mysterious woman helps the British fight the Nazis.


Snapshot from Power Dive

Power Dive, 1941


Following a crash, a man and his brother attempt to build a plane to get them to safety.


Snapshot from Sunny

Sunny, 1941


A circus performer falls for a car dealer's son.


Snapshot from Sheriff of Tombstone

Sheriff of Tombstone, 1941


The mayor sends for a gunslinger, not to clean up the town, but to clean it out.


Snapshot from King of the Zombies

King of the Zombies, 1941


Three travellers arrive on the wrong island.


Snapshot from Broadway Limited

Broadway Limited, 1941


A publicity stunt staged on a train begins to derail after a baby gets caught up in the mix. Misunderstandings and investigations mount.


Snapshot from Let's Go Collegiate

Let's Go Collegiate, 1941


A star rower is drafted right before the championship, so the team decides to try and pass off a truck driver as the athlete.


Snapshot from Nevada City

Nevada City, 1941


A railroader butts heads with a stageline owner.


Snapshot from Man Made Monster

Man Made Monster, 1941


A man undergoes a medical procedure.


Snapshot from Invisible Ghost

Invisible Ghost, 1941


A man turns to murder after his wife leaves him.


Snapshot from South of Panama

South of Panama, 1941


The sister of a government chemist realise enemy agents are tailing her.


Snapshot from Gabby - Fire Cheese

Gabby - Fire Cheese, 1941


Gabby lends the fire department his expertise... Whether or not they want it.


Snapshot from Murder with Music

Murder with Music, 1941


A musical admirer is murdered, and the rest of the fans look suspect.


Snapshot from Spooks Run Wild

Spooks Run Wild, 1941


The boys are sent to a mountain camp, where stories of a 'monster killer surround them.


Snapshot from Roar of the Press

Roar of the Press, 1941


On their honeymoon, a reporter and his new bride stumble across some 5th columnists.


Snapshot from Desperate Cargo

Desperate Cargo, 1941


Two girls on the way to the US have their ship hijacked.


Snapshot from Princess Iron Fan

Princess Iron Fan, 1941


An animated take on the journey of the Monkey King. The first feature length animation made in China.



Snapshot from Blood of Jesus

Blood of Jesus, 1941


A woman is accidentally killed by her unbelieving husband, and on the road to paradise the Devil comes to tempt her.


Snapshot from Saddle Mountain Roundup

Saddle Mountain Roundup, 1941


A ruthless killer targets an old man and his Chinese servant.