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Snapshot from Beyond Tomorrow

Beyond Tomorrow, 1940


Three ghosts killed in an airplane crash return to help reunite a couple they helped set up in life.


Snapshot from The Ape

The Ape, 1940


A scientist finds a cure for polio... But at an inhuman cost.


Snapshot from Son of the Navy

Son of the Navy, 1940


A young boy pretends to be a sailor's sick child, causing utter havoc.


Snapshot from That Gang of Mine

That Gang of Mine, 1940


A street kid dreams of being a jockey.


Snapshot from Young Bill Hickok

Young Bill Hickok, 1940


Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane hunt a foreign agent.


Snapshot from The Snow Man

The Snow Man, 1940


Snow isn't always fun.


Snapshot from Phantom Rancher

Phantom Rancher, 1940


A cowboy dones a mask to take on a band of outlaws.


Snapshot from Doomed to Die

Doomed to Die, 1940


A detective and reporter investigate the death of a shipping magnate.


Snapshot from The Carson City Kid

The Carson City Kid, 1940


Roy Rogers is out for revenge. The man he's hunting runs a saloon.


Snapshot from The Fatal Hour

The Fatal Hour, 1940


A police captain reaches out to a detective after a friend is murdered.


Snapshot from Li'l Abner

Li'l Abner, 1940


The southern community of Dogpatch, USA.


Snapshot from British Intelligence

British Intelligence, 1940


Spies, spymasters, butlers and a British politician.


Snapshot from Our Town

Our Town, 1940


A quiet town that changes slowly.


Snapshot from East Side Kids

East Side Kids, 1940


A young street kid grows up to become a cop.


Snapshot from Up in the Air

Up in the Air, 1940


A terrible singer is killed on air, and the police are clueless. Her coworkers take steps.


Snapshot from Design for Murder

Design for Murder, 1940


A college student kidnaps the leader of a group who have been bullying him.


Snapshot from Pride of the Bowery

Pride of the Bowery, 1940


New York street principles spell trouble for an East Side Kid.


Snapshot from Son of Monte Cristo

Son of Monte Cristo, 1940


A general has seized control, but a handsome swordfighter comes to the help of the rightful ruler.


Snapshot from Take Me Back to Oklahoma

Take Me Back to Oklahoma, 1940


The mail stage faces a series of threats.


Snapshot from Colorado

Colorado, 1940


A man is sent to investigate why a group of Union soldiers haven't moved into position yet.


Snapshot from No, No, Nanette

No, No, Nanette, 1940


Nanette attempts to untangle her uncle's love life, and ends up in her own love triangle.


Snapshot from The Sante Fe Trail

The Sante Fe Trail, 1940


The graduates of West Point are dispatched to pacify a region.


Snapshot from Lady in Distress

Lady in Distress, 1940


A man witnesses a murder on a passing train.


Snapshot from Second Chorus

Second Chorus, 1940


A pair of college students join a band to try and make it in the world.