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Snapshot from Slander House

Slander House, 1938


A saloon owner contends with his boring fiance, the romantic new stranger, a little crazy, very jealous blonde and more.


Snapshot from International Crime

International Crime, 1938


A radio host is an expert detective, and has a friendly rivalry with the police commissioner, but his assistant is more than gullible.


Snapshot from Sex Madness

Sex Madness, 1938


Different approaches to STDs surface in this social commentary of a film.


Snapshot from Sinners in Paradise

Sinners in Paradise, 1938


A plane crash wrecks the hopes and fears of the survivors, and puts their survival into the hands of an enigmatic man.


Snapshot from Sunset Murder Case

Sunset Murder Case, 1938


A small-time showgirl poses as a stripper to get close to the man she believes murdered her father.


Snapshot from Swing!

Swing!, 1938


A cook runs away from her abusive husband, to Harlem.


Snapshot from Stepping Toes

Stepping Toes, 1938


The daughter of a showman is ashamed of her past, but her daughter inherited the family talent.


Snapshot from Mr. Wong, Detective

Mr. Wong, Detective, 1938


Wong investigates a series of murders, including a chemical manufacturer.


Snapshot from Paroled to Die

Paroled to Die, 1938


A sleazer banker frames a cowboy.


Snapshot from Boy meets Dog

Boy meets Dog, 1938


Bobby brings a dog home, but his father is not happy!


Snapshot from Shadows over Shanghai

Shadows over Shanghai, 1938


A pilot is shot down over China by a Russian agent.


Snapshot from Algiers

Algiers, 1938


Pepe Le Moko rules the Casbah, the native quater of Algiers, but time, hunters and more make it feel more and more like a prison, until a woman appears...


Snapshot from Romance on the Run

Romance on the Run, 1938


A man with a nack for finding missing items turns in fake jewelry.


Snapshot from Six Gun Trail

Six Gun Trail, 1938


A pair of investigators close in on jewel thieves.


Snapshot from Tarzan and the Green Goddess

Tarzan and the Green Goddess, 1938


Tarzan heads to Guatemala in a quest to capture the Green Goddess, a totem of mysterious power.


Snapshot from Carefree

Carefree, 1938


A psychiatrist attempts to hypnotise a girl to help out a friend, with spectacular results.


Snapshot from Prison Break

Prison Break, 1938


A man newly arrived home takes the fall after a friend is found near a dead body.


Snapshot from The Young in Heart

The Young in Heart, 1938


A family of grifters target a rich elderly woman.


Snapshot from The Duke is Tops

The Duke is Tops, 1938


A theatrical producer puts the success of his client before his own.


Snapshot from Billy the Kid Returns

Billy the Kid Returns, 1938


Billy the Kid is killed, and a stranger in town is mistaken for the heroic figure.


Snapshot from The Devil's Party

The Devil's Party, 1938


A murder disrupts a reunion.


Snapshot from Mark of the Avenger

Mark of the Avenger, 1938


A tale of revenge, when a wanted man returns two decades after the event.


Snapshot from Barefoot Boy

Barefoot Boy, 1938


Fresh from prison, having served time for a crime he didn't commit, a young man is sent by his father to an old friend, where he encounters a haunted house.


Snapshot from Bulldog Drummond in Africa

Bulldog Drummond in Africa, 1938


Drummond and his entourage attempt to save a member of Scotland Yard who has been kidnapped.


Snapshot from Songs and Saddles

Songs and Saddles, 1938


A gang of cowboys hustle in on a rancher's property.


Snapshot from Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror

Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror, 1938


A stamp collector leads an investigator to a larger conspiracy.


Snapshot from Rollin' Plains

Rollin' Plains, 1938


Cattlemen and sheep herders clash.


Snapshot from Tarzan's Revenge

Tarzan's Revenge, 1938


A woman is caught between a lordling who wants her for his harem, and Tarzan.


Snapshot from Singing Cowgirl

Singing Cowgirl, 1938


Gold is found on a ranch, murder quickly follows.


Snapshot from South Riding

South Riding, 1938


A look at the intrigues that flow through the county council.


Snapshot from Under the Big Top

Under the Big Top, 1938


A young trapeze artist's romance is sabotaged by family and rivals.


Snapshot from The Beachcomber

The Beachcomber, 1938


A missionary attempts to reform a drunken beach bum.


Snapshot from Bulldog Drummond's Peril

Bulldog Drummond's Peril, 1938


Bulldog Drummond in on the tail of a high stakes diamond, and an assassin.