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Snapshot from Sinful Cargo

Sinful Cargo, 1936


A movie producer is investigated for people smuggling.


Snapshot from What Becomes of the Children

What Becomes of the Children, 1936


A prewar independent film about the struggles of a broken family.


Snapshot from Red Lights Ahead

Red Lights Ahead, 1936


A kindly grandfather is convinced to investi in a mine by his lazy grandchildren.


Snapshot from Ambush Valley

Ambush Valley, 1936


A lawman finds himself between the girl he plans to marry, and her violent outlaw family.


Snapshot from Undersea Kingdom

Undersea Kingdom, 1936


Crash Corrigan, Diana and Professor Norton search for the source of a string of earthquakes.


Snapshot from Song of the Gringo

Song of the Gringo, 1936


A cowboy is sent to investigate when miners start dying.


Snapshot from Great Guy

Great Guy, 1936


An investigator for the Bureau of Weights and Measures.


Snapshot from Sabotage

Sabotage, 1936


A detective for Scotland Yard is undercover, and hunting down a terrorist in London.


Snapshot from Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, 1936


A barber tells the story of the notorious Sweeney Todd.


Snapshot from Phantom Patrol

Phantom Patrol, 1936


A deranged killer escapes into the woods, and pretends to be a writer, but the mounties close in.


Snapshot from Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time, 1936


An animated short about driving.


Snapshot from Wild Cat

Wild Cat, 1936


A Royal Canadian mountie is sent to bring in a criminal who no one has ever seen.


Snapshot from Rose Hobart

Rose Hobart, 1936


Salvidor Dali: He stole it from my subconscious!


Snapshot from Below the Deadline

Below the Deadline, 1936


A cop and his fiance are framed by a group of thieves hunting for diamonds.


Snapshot from NAACP: South Carolina

NAACP: South Carolina, 1936


Produced by the National Association For the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on the racial disparities in the education provided in South Carolina public schools.


Snapshot from Winterset

Winterset, 1936


A young man sets out to find who framed his father, who was executed for a crime he didn't commit.


Snapshot from Man of the Frontier

Man of the Frontier, 1936


Two cowboys set out to find out what's going wrong at a dam.


Snapshot from Mariners of the Sky

Mariners of the Sky, 1936


A series of tragedies underpin the difficulties of family in wartime.


Snapshot from Disorder in the Court

Disorder in the Court, 1936


The Three Stooges are witnesses at a murder trial.


Snapshot from The Clutching Hand

The Clutching Hand, 1936


A scientist discovers a way to synthesise gold.


Snapshot from The Mandarin Mystery

The Mandarin Mystery, 1936


Two murders, and a stolen stamp worth a fortune.


Snapshot from Ride, Range, Ride

Ride, Range, Ride, 1936


A Texas Ranger attempts to protect an army convoy of weapons.


Snapshot from Swing Time

Swing Time, 1936


A gambler travels to New York to earn the $25,000 he needs to marry his sweetheart, but becomes entangled in a dancer.


Snapshot from The Big Show

The Big Show, 1936


Two girls are confused by a cowboy and his stunt double.


Snapshot from Rogue of the Range

Rogue of the Range, 1936


An undercover infiltration goes sideways soon after a prison break.


Snapshot from Sitting on the Moon

Sitting on the Moon, 1936


Songwriters, a film star, and a blackmailer.


Snapshot from The Secret of Stamboul

The Secret of Stamboul, 1936


A British agent attempts to engineer a revolution.


Snapshot from Follow the Fleet

Follow the Fleet, 1936


Whilst on liberty, a sailor tries to rekindle a romance.


Snapshot from The Amazing Adventure

The Amazing Adventure, 1936


A bored millionaire makes a wager that he can survive a year without touching his inheritance.


Snapshot from Little Lord Fauntelroy

Little Lord Fauntelroy, 1936


A young boy is the long lost heir to a British fortune.


Snapshot from Revolt of the Zombies

Revolt of the Zombies, 1936


An international expedition heads to Cambodia to destroy an ancient secret.


Snapshot from Phantom of the Range

Phantom of the Range, 1936


A haunted ranch might hold the secret to a fortune.


Snapshot from The President's Mystery

The President's Mystery, 1936


A millionaire whose life is falling apart decides to disappear - and take his riches with him.


Snapshot from Rogues' Tavern

Rogues' Tavern, 1936


A mad killer is on the loose.


Snapshot from The Dancing Pirate

The Dancing Pirate, 1936


A dancer is shanghai'd by pirates.