1833 films and counting...


Snapshot from A Shriek in the Night

A Shriek in the Night, 1933


Ginger Rogers and Lyle Talbot bring this mystery covering multiple murders in the same apartment building.


Snapshot from Phantom Thunderbolt

Phantom Thunderbolt, 1933


The Thunderbolt Kid comes to the aid of a town threatened by bandits.


Snapshot from A Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet, 1933


Members of a trust are being murdered, a widow goes to Sherlock Holmes.


Snapshot from She Done Him Wrong

She Done Him Wrong, 1933


A seductive nightclub singer attempts to deal with her fans, who want to be so much more.


Snapshot from Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, 1933


A detective with a scrupulous eye for detail solves what cannot be solved.


Snapshot from Flying Down to Rio

Flying Down to Rio, 1933


A composer leaves a band to pursue a flirtatious young woman, but trouble waits them at every turn.


Snapshot from Police Patrol

Police Patrol, 1933


Two detectives are demoted after fighting over a woman.


Snapshot from Sensation Hunters

Sensation Hunters, 1933


A cruiseliner gets tense when one of the guests is revealed to be a cabaret dancer.


Snapshot from Lot in Sodom

Lot in Sodom, 1933


The story of Sodom and Gommorah.


Snapshot from The Three Muskateers

The Three Muskateers, 1933


Three soldiers are rescued in the Arabian desert.


Snapshot from The Kennel Murder Case

The Kennel Murder Case, 1933


A prominent collector is killed in a locked room, with no way in.


Snapshot from Sagebrush Trail

Sagebrush Trail, 1933


An innocent man runs from the law, and into the arms of the wrong kind.


Snapshot from The Fatal Glass of Beer

The Fatal Glass of Beer, 1933


The prodigal son of a Yukon prospector comes home.


Snapshot from Dora - Dunkin' Donuts

Dora - Dunkin' Donuts, 1933


A classroom of students make a radio commercial.


Snapshot from The Sphinx

The Sphinx, 1933


A mute is a suspect in a murder.


Snapshot from Sittin' on a Backyard Fence

Sittin' on a Backyard Fence, 1933


The antics of cats in back alleys.


Snapshot from Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz, 1933


A Kansas girl is swept into a world of colour, fun, and strangeness.


Snapshot from Shuffle Off to Buffalo

Shuffle Off to Buffalo, 1933


A flock of storks carrying babies takes flight.


Snapshot from The World Gone Mad

The World Gone Mad, 1933


A DA who uncovers a massive stock fraud is murdered.


Snapshot from Riders of Destiny

Riders of Destiny, 1933


A government agent is sent to investigate a man who controls the water.


Snapshot from The Big Chance

The Big Chance, 1933


He wanted to fight. They wanted him to take a dive.


Snapshot from The Vampire Bat

The Vampire Bat, 1933


Corpses drained of blood begin appearing in a village.