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Snapshot from Musical Tramp

Musical Tramp, 1914


Chaplin delivers a piano to the wrong address.


Snapshot from Patchwork Girl of Oz

Patchwork Girl of Oz, 1914


Ojo and Nunkie decide to go to the Emerald City, where they will never starve.


Snapshot from Making a Living

Making a Living, 1914


The first Charlie Chaplin film, Charlie plays a down on his luck man who takes a job as a reporter.


Snapshot from The Fatal Mallet

The Fatal Mallet, 1914


Chaplin and two others fight over the right to woo a particular lady.


Snapshot from Tillie's Punctured Romance

Tillie's Punctured Romance, 1914


A city conman sets his eyes on a wealthy country girl.


Snapshot from The Rival Mashers

The Rival Mashers, 1914


Chaplin and a rival compete for the affections of their landlady.


Snapshot from Between Showers

Between Showers, 1914


Chaplin fights with another man for the right to escort a woman across a muddy street.


Snapshot from Charlot et le Mannequin

Charlot et le Mannequin, 1914


Chaplin's wife wants him to be more of a man and stand up for her, and so get's a boxing mannequin.


Snapshot from The Landlady's Pet

The Landlady's Pet, 1914


A young boy takes misleading photos of his mother, and her favourite boarder.


Snapshot from The New Janitor

The New Janitor, 1914


Chaplin is a hapless janitor, when the bank is robbed.


Snapshot from Dough & Dynamite

Dough & Dynamite, 1914


Bakers go on strike, and Chaplin finds himself in the kitchen.


Snapshot from Mabel's Busy Day

Mabel's Busy Day, 1914


Chaplin steals a box of hotdogs.


Snapshot from The Knockout

The Knockout, 1914


Fatty Arbuckle takes the lead in this film, with Chaplin a hapless referee between a champion and a man trying to impress his girl.


Snapshot from Charlot Charlies Recreation

Charlot Charlies Recreation, 1914


A drunk Chaplin visits a music hall.


Snapshot from His Trysting Places

His Trysting Places, 1914


Chaplin's wife sends him to the store for a bottle of milk.


Snapshot from Good for Nothing

Good for Nothing, 1914


Chaplin cares for a man confined to a wheelchair.


Snapshot from Kids Auto Race in Venice

Kids Auto Race in Venice, 1914


Chaplin's first 'tramp' movie, he's a spectator at a cart race, but tends to get in the way.


Snapshot from Twenty Minutes of Love

Twenty Minutes of Love, 1914


Chaplin causes chaos in the park.


Snapshot from Film Johnny

Film Johnny, 1914


Chaplin attempts to meet his favourite movie actress.


Snapshot from Helpful Sisterhood

Helpful Sisterhood, 1914


A girl struggles to keep up when she joins a soriety.


Snapshot from Charlot et Mabel aux Courses

Charlot et Mabel aux Courses, 1914


Chaplin crashes the date of a friend at the races.


Snapshot from Charlot Face on the Barroom Floor

Charlot Face on the Barroom Floor, 1914


Charlie Chaplin is an artist whose life fell apart because of his muse.


Snapshot from Charlot Garcon de Theatre

Charlot Garcon de Theatre, 1914


Chaplin struggles on set, managing the luggage, and the stars themselves.


Snapshot from The Masquerader

The Masquerader, 1914


After being tossed out by the director, Chaplin returns dressed as a lady.


Snapshot from Mabel's Strange Predicament

Mabel's Strange Predicament, 1914


Chaplin is drunk, in a hotel.


Snapshot from Caught in a Cabaret

Caught in a Cabaret, 1914


Chaplin is a waiter, with a strict boss.


Snapshot from Laffing Gas

Laffing Gas, 1914


Chaplin is an assitant to the dentist - but the patient doesn't know that!


Snapshot from The Rounders

The Rounders, 1914


Two drunks live in a hotel, one beats his wife, the other is beaten.


Snapshot from Cruel, Cruel Love

Cruel, Cruel Love, 1914


Chaplin is an aristocrat, who believes his love has left him, and so suicide appears his only option.