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Snapshot from The Story of the Kelly Gang

The Story of the Kelly Gang, 2019


A SIXTEENmm original recut, that takes the remains of the first ever feature-length film, and restores them beyond anything yet seen.


Snapshot from God's Gun

God's Gun, 1976


A priest and his brother defend a small town from a gang of cowboys.


Snapshot from Seven Alone

Seven Alone, 1974


A young family travels west seeking a better life.


Snapshot from Gone with the West

Gone with the West, 1974


A cowboy has finished his unjust term in prison. Now it's vengeance.


Snapshot from The Devil and Leroy Bassett

The Devil and Leroy Bassett, 1973


A sheriff chasing a speeding car is the catlyst that breaks a man.


Snapshot from The Proud and the Damned

The Proud and the Damned, 1972


Five ex-confederate soldiers are caught up in a civil war, south of the border.


Snapshot from Day of the Wolves

Day of the Wolves, 1971


A gang takes a town to get the bank.


Snapshot from Cry Blood, Apache

Cry Blood, Apache, 1970


A gang of cowboys let nothing stand in their way in their search for gold.


Snapshot from Boot Hill

Boot Hill, 1969


A strange alliance of gunmen and circus performers come to help a town being squashed under a tyrannical leader.


Snapshot from The Belle Starr Story

The Belle Starr Story, 1968


She was abused in her youth. Now she's tougher than all of them.


Snapshot from The Drifter

The Drifter, 1965


A drifter moseys through town.


Snapshot from Daniel Boone - Trail Blazer

Daniel Boone - Trail Blazer, 1956


The settlers of Kentucky find themselves driven against the locals by the French.


Snapshot from The Bushwhackers

The Bushwhackers, 1952


A rancher and his daughter are murdering settlers on the road.


Snapshot from The Torch

The Torch, 1950


A town is divided and thrown into chaos when a gang takes over.


Snapshot from Under California Stars

Under California Stars, 1948


A rancher hunts down a gang holding a hostage.


Snapshot from Abilene Town

Abilene Town, 1946


Homesteaders and cattlemen share an uneasy truce in a small town in Kansas. In this uncertain environment chaos threatens to explode when some lay claim against the others.


Snapshot from My Pal Trigger

My Pal Trigger, 1946


A cowboy is blamed after a champion horse is shot and killed.


Snapshot from Rainbow Over Texas

Rainbow Over Texas, 1946


Roy Rogers enters a pony express.


Snapshot from Utah

Utah, 1945


A plan to trick a new ranch owner out of her property goes sideways.


Snapshot from Northwest Trail

Northwest Trail, 1945


A mountie escorting a woman across the mountains runs across an illegal mining operation.


Snapshot from Lights of Old Sante Fe

Lights of Old Sante Fe, 1944


Two rodeos compete, getting downright dirty.


Snapshot from Western Cyclone

Western Cyclone, 1943


A cowboy is trying for the impeachment of a governor.


Snapshot from American Empire

American Empire, 1942


Two men against rustlers, the harsh American west, and each other.


Snapshot from Texas to Bataan

Texas to Bataan, 1942


A group of cowboys capture a Japanese spy in the midst of a major shipment.


Snapshot from Saddle Mountain Roundup

Saddle Mountain Roundup, 1941


A ruthless killer targets an old man and his Chinese servant.


Snapshot from Take Me Back to Oklahoma

Take Me Back to Oklahoma, 1940


The mail stage faces a series of threats.


Snapshot from Colorado

Colorado, 1940


A man is sent to investigate why a group of Union soldiers haven't moved into position yet.


Snapshot from The Sante Fe Trail

The Sante Fe Trail, 1940


The graduates of West Point are dispatched to pacify a region.


Snapshot from Days of Jesse James

Days of Jesse James, 1939


Roy Rogers has been sent to bring in Jesse James after a robbery, but something isn't sitting right.


Snapshot from Zorro's Fighting Legion

Zorro's Fighting Legion, 1939


Zorro fights to protect the Republic of Mexico.


Snapshot from Rollin' Plains

Rollin' Plains, 1938


Cattlemen and sheep herders clash.


Snapshot from Singing Cowgirl

Singing Cowgirl, 1938


Gold is found on a ranch, murder quickly follows.


Snapshot from Secret Valley

Secret Valley, 1937


A young woman attempts to get a divorce from her wild husband.


Snapshot from Hell Town

Hell Town, 1937


Dare Rudd attempts to prove his worth to his young girl, whilst a crooked saloon owner makes his plans.


Snapshot from Springtime in the Rockies

Springtime in the Rockies, 1937


A ranch owner in cattle country gets a flock of sheep, riling up the entire community.


Snapshot from Round-up Time in Texas

Round-up Time in Texas, 1937


A diamond prospector has attracted the attention of the wrong sort.


Snapshot from Song of the Gringo

Song of the Gringo, 1936


A cowboy is sent to investigate when miners start dying.


Snapshot from The Big Show

The Big Show, 1936


Two girls are confused by a cowboy and his stunt double.


Snapshot from Ambush Valley

Ambush Valley, 1936


A lawman finds himself between the girl he plans to marry, and her violent outlaw family.


Snapshot from Red Blood of Courage

Red Blood of Courage, 1935


The war for oil on a man's land.


Snapshot from Paradise Canyon

Paradise Canyon, 1935


A cowboy is sent to bring in a counterfeiter.


Snapshot from Texas Terror

Texas Terror, 1935


A sheriff runs away from his past, after shooting his best friend.


Snapshot from The Man from Utah

The Man from Utah, 1934


A horse-riding rodeo turns deadly.


Snapshot from Way of the West

Way of the West, 1934


An undercover agent is sent to investigate a battle between cattlemen and sheep herders.


Snapshot from The Star Packer

The Star Packer, 1934


A man steps up to be sheriff when no one else does.


Snapshot from West of the Divide

West of the Divide, 1934


A cowboy infilitrates a violent gang.


Snapshot from In Old Sante Fe

In Old Sante Fe, 1934


A cowboy is framed for murder.


Snapshot from Sagebrush Trail

Sagebrush Trail, 1933


An innocent man runs from the law, and into the arms of the wrong kind.


Snapshot from The Oklahoma Cyclone

The Oklahoma Cyclone, 1930


A cowboy hunting for revenge infiltrates a gang.


Snapshot from The Invaders

The Invaders, 1912


US Army officials and Native leaders sign a treaty, but it doesn't last long.