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Snapshot from Since You Went Away

Since You Went Away, 2020


Whilst her husband is away fighting in World War II, she tries to hold together the fragile lives of her daughters. Originally 1944. Colorized by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Airborne

Airborne, 2020


He was set on becoming a paratrooper, until he met her.


Snapshot from The Black Book

The Black Book, 2020


The book is a list of names, slated for the guillotine. Originally 1949. Recreated by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from VIP

VIP, 2019


British POWs discover a new prisoner is an officer who must be freed at any cost. Originally 1961. Colorized by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Russia's War - Blood Upon the Snow

Russia's War - Blood Upon the Snow, 1998


A look at Stalin and the Soviet Union's war against Nazi Germany.


Snapshot from The Wall

The Wall, 1990


The making, and breaking, of the Berlin Wall.


Snapshot from Escape from Sobibor

Escape from Sobibor, 1987


The death camp at Treblinka is notorious, and insanely difficult to escape. But it is their only option.


Snapshot from Fighting Mad

Fighting Mad, 1978


A Vietnam veteran is left for dead... But saved by the Japanese and trained in the way of the Samurai.


Snapshot from The Adventures of the Young Pioneers

The Adventures of the Young Pioneers, 1971


Scouts take on the Germans.


Snapshot from Black Brigade

Black Brigade, 1970


A racist officer takes control of an all-black unit in the fight against the Nazis.


Snapshot from Mickey Mouse in Vietnam

Mickey Mouse in Vietnam, 1968


An anti-Vietnam-war piece from Whitney Savage. Not associated with Disney.


Snapshot from Escalation

Escalation, 1968


An anti-Vietnam-war piece from Ward Kimball, one of the Disney 9.


Snapshot from Hell in Normandy

Hell in Normandy, 1968


A parachute unit is sent to destroy a German flamethrower installation at Omaha Beach


Snapshot from Airborne

Airborne, 1962


The path of one man as he becomes a US paratrooper.


Snapshot from After Mein Kampf

After Mein Kampf, 1961


A post-war documentary about the rise and fall of Nazi Germany.


Snapshot from Very Important Person

Very Important Person, 1961


British POWs discover a new prisoner is an officer who must be freed at any cost.


Snapshot from The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler

The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler, 1958


Eva Braun's home films, an interview with the dictators sister, this documentary explores the human side to Hitler.


Snapshot from Tank Battalion

Tank Battalion, 1958


One tank, four soldiers. Behind enemy lines.


Snapshot from Yellowneck

Yellowneck, 1955


Confederate soldiers try to get to Cuba.


Snapshot from The Big Lift

The Big Lift, 1950


Berlin is under blockade, and two US sergeants find themselves in the middle of a different world.


Snapshot from The Best Years of Our Lives

The Best Years of Our Lives, 1947


Three World War II veterans return home, to a different world to the one they left.


Snapshot from Nuremberg Trials

Nuremberg Trials, 1946


An examination of the trials of the Nazi leaders, following World War II.


Snapshot from Submarine Warfare

Submarine Warfare, 1945


The story of the men beneath the sea in the early days of American involvement in WWII.


Snapshot from Appointment in Tokyo

Appointment in Tokyo, 1945


Four years of war in the pacific, leading up to the defeat of Japan, these documentary shows the men in the field during World War II.


Snapshot from The Battle of San Pietro

The Battle of San Pietro, 1945


The story of San Pietro, an Italian village where over 1000 US soldiers died.


Snapshot from The Last Chance

The Last Chance, 1945


Prisoners escaaping a Nazi prison train head for the Italian Underground.


Snapshot from The Memphis Belle

The Memphis Belle, 1944


A documentary following the 25th bombing run of the Memphis Belle during WWII.


Snapshot from Attack in the Pacific

Attack in the Pacific, 1944


The US and Japan fought over a small series of otherwise insignificant islands in the Pacific throughout the war. These are their stories.


Snapshot from Waterfront

Waterfront, 1944


A Nazi spy loses his codebook.


Snapshot from Navy Way

Navy Way, 1944


A series of young men make their way through Navy boot camp.


Snapshot from Attack! The Battle for New Britain

Attack! The Battle for New Britain, 1944


Arawe Beach and Cape Gloucestor, New Britain, the site of a decisive conflict between Allied Forces and the Japanese strongholds in the Pacific.


Snapshot from Since You Went Away

Since You Went Away, 1944


Whilst her husband is away fighting in World War II, she tries to hold together the fragile lives of her daughters.


Snapshot from Aerial Gunner

Aerial Gunner, 1943


Basic training, rivals, and a woman. A timeless story.


Snapshot from Somewhere in Civvies

Somewhere in Civvies, 1943


A discharged soldier struggles to adapt to civilian life.


Snapshot from Gung Ho!

Gung Ho!, 1943


The true story of Carlson's Raiders, and their daring attack on Makin Island during World War II.


Snapshot from Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer, 1943


A US documentary looking at the propoganda in Europe during World War II


Snapshot from Desert Victory

Desert Victory, 1943


This film examines the battle of Alamein, a key turning point in World War II.


Snapshot from Submarine Alert

Submarine Alert, 1943


Nazi spies broadcast top secret information to a waiting Japanese submarine.


Snapshot from Black Dragons

Black Dragons, 1942


A group of 5th Columnists are systematically murdered. Dick Martin gets the case!


Snapshot from The Battle of Midway

The Battle of Midway, 1942


The Japanese attack on Midway - filmed as it happened.


Snapshot from Yanks are Coming

Yanks are Coming, 1942


A patriotic musical set in the time it was filmed.


Snapshot from The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain, 1942


The official USA account of Great Britain following Dunkirk.


Snapshot from Parachute Battalion

Parachute Battalion, 1941


A pre-Pearl Harbor recruiting film.


Snapshot from Sundown

Sundown, 1941


A mysterious woman helps the British fight the Nazis.


Snapshot from Roar of the Press

Roar of the Press, 1941


On their honeymoon, a reporter and his new bride stumble across some 5th columnists.


Snapshot from British Intelligence

British Intelligence, 1940


Spies, spymasters, butlers and a British politician.


Snapshot from Fire over England

Fire over England, 1937


Queen Elizabeth sits on the throne, but threats abound, like her traitorous sister's legacy and the Spanish.


Snapshot from A Farewell to Arms

A Farewell to Arms, 1932


An English nurse. An American ambulance driver. Italy.


Snapshot from Woman to Woman

Woman to Woman, 1929


A British officer on leave falls for a Parisian.


Snapshot from The Martyrs of the Alamo

The Martyrs of the Alamo, 1915


185 faced off against an army. Based on a true story.