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Sci Fi

Snapshot from The Giant Gila Monster

The Giant Gila Monster, 2021


A giant lizard threatens a small town. Originally 1959, colorized by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Atom Age Vampire

Atom Age Vampire, 2019


A stripper is disfigured in an accident. A madman finds a way to help restore what she lost... At a cost. Recolored by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Cybersix

Cybersix, 1999


An android fights against her creator.


Snapshot from Anatomia Extinction

Anatomia Extinction, 1995


Infected by an entity, a man fights for control.


Snapshot from Without Warning

Without Warning, 1994


A movie broadcast using active TV journalists of the time, about meteor fragments en route to wipe out the human race.


Snapshot from Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, 1993


Jack and the Mechanics try and coexist in a world overrun by dinosaurs.


Snapshot from Metamorphosis: Alien Factor

Metamorphosis: Alien Factor, 1990


A virus from outer space transforms a researcher.


Snapshot from Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis, 1990


A scientist attempting to prevent aging experiments on himself.


Snapshot from Terminal City Ricochet

Terminal City Ricochet, 1990


Terminal City is one of the five liveable places left on Earth.


Snapshot from Deadly Spawn

Deadly Spawn, 1983


A small town is the target of a space invasion.


Snapshot from Empire Strikes Back

Empire Strikes Back, 1980


Produced by Ken Films, this is a short version of Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back.


Snapshot from Alien Factor

Alien Factor, 1978


An intergalactic zoo crashes on Earth.


Snapshot from Xenogenesis

Xenogenesis, 1978


Two explorers are sent out in a sentient spaceship.


Snapshot from Star Wars

Star Wars, 1977


Produced by Ken Films, this is a short version of the original Star Wars, made for Super 8. Colorized from a surviving B&W version by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from The Brain Machine

The Brain Machine, 1977


A scientist experiments with min reading and memory.


Snapshot from Frankenstein

Frankenstein, 1977


A mad scientist discovers the key to life.


Snapshot from A Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His Dog, 1975


Food and sex in the wastelands of an apocalypse dominate this clip about a boy, his dog, and the telepathic link they share.


Snapshot from Attack of the Monsters

Attack of the Monsters, 1969


Gamera becomes the protector after two Earth children are kidnapped.


Snapshot from The Vulture

The Vulture, 1966


A mad scientist avenges the death of his ancestor.


Snapshot from Attack from Space

Attack from Space, 1965


Starman is sent from outer space to protect Earth, but before the enemy arrives he discovers something more is afoot.


Snapshot from Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet, 1965


Explorers are sent to the planet Venus.


Snapshot from The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth, 1964


All humanity have become the living dead... Except for one.


Snapshot from The Phantom Planet

The Phantom Planet, 1961


An astronaut discovers a hidden planet.


Snapshot from Battle of the Worlds

Battle of the Worlds, 1961


A stray planet heads for Earth, bringing with it a tale of death and destruction.


Snapshot from The Amazing Transparent Man

The Amazing Transparent Man, 1960


A crazed scientists strives to create an army of invisible zombies.


Snapshot from It Came From Outer Space

It Came From Outer Space, 1960


A spaceship crashes in the Arizona desert. Short version made for Super 8.


Snapshot from Wasp Woman

Wasp Woman, 1959


A rejuvinating procedure goes horribly wrong.


Snapshot from The Incredible Petrified World

The Incredible Petrified World, 1959


Divers are lost after their diving bell cable breaks.


Snapshot from Terror is a Man

Terror is a Man, 1959


A mad scientist experiments on a panther.


Snapshot from The Killer Shrews

The Killer Shrews, 1959


An island, beset by a hurricane. A scientist, with a dangerous idea.


Snapshot from Teenagers from Outer Space

Teenagers from Outer Space, 1959


A young alien and human find themselves caught in a terraforming conflict.


Snapshot from The Cosmic Man

The Cosmic Man, 1959


A visitor comes to Earth.


Snapshot from Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, 1954


Flying above the world, he defends the Earth from evil.


Snapshot from Killers from Space

Killers from Space, 1954


An atomic scientist, injured in a plane crash, claims he was abducted by aliens.


Snapshot from Phantom from Space

Phantom from Space, 1953


An alien kills two people after arriving in Santa Monica.


Snapshot from Mesa of Lost Women

Mesa of Lost Women, 1953


A mad scientists experiments with spiders, and women.


Snapshot from Planet Outlaws

Planet Outlaws, 1953


A 20th century pilot and his friend awaken in a dystopian future.


Snapshot from Planet Outlaws

Planet Outlaws, 1953


Centuries in the future two men awake to find a tyranical leader in control.


Snapshot from Radarmen From the Moon

Radarmen From the Moon, 1952


The earth is under attack by an unknown force, perhaps originating from the moon.


Snapshot from Who Killed Doc Robbin

Who Killed Doc Robbin, 1948


Trapped in a classic horror movie mansion, visitors trangle with a mad scientist.


Snapshot from The Monster Maker

The Monster Maker, 1944


Science is a powerful weapon in the hands of a ruthless man.


Snapshot from Man Made Monster

Man Made Monster, 1941


A man undergoes a medical procedure.


Snapshot from The Ape

The Ape, 1940


A scientist finds a cure for polio... But at an inhuman cost.


Snapshot from The Phantom Creeps

The Phantom Creeps, 1939


An intelligence agent attempts to stop the weapons of a mad scientist falling into the wrong hands.


Snapshot from Song at Midnight

Song at Midnight, 1937


China's first horrror film, a disfigured musician wanders the halls of an opera house, punishing all who offend him.


Snapshot from The Clutching Hand

The Clutching Hand, 1936


A scientist discovers a way to synthesise gold.


Snapshot from Lost Jungle

Lost Jungle, 1934


An animal trainer searches for his gal after she goes missing looking for an uncharted island.


Snapshot from Dr. X

Dr. X, 1934


A reporter visits a scientists.


Snapshot from The Lost World

The Lost World, 1925


Based on a novel by Arthur Conan Doyle. A land where dinosaurs still live.


Snapshot from Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, 1920


Dr. Jekyll experiments with the darker side of man.