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Snapshot from Superman the Musical

Superman the Musical, 2020


TV adaption of a failed Broadway show. You get what you expect. Originally 1975. Recreated by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Heidi

Heidi, 2004


A girl raised in the mountains is sent to live in the city.


Snapshot from The Sound of Christmas

The Sound of Christmas, 1987


A somewhat inconsistent Christmas special starring Julie Andrews.


Snapshot from A Christmas Without Snow

A Christmas Without Snow, 1980


A divorced woman moves to a new city with her child, trying to build her life again.


Snapshot from Space is the Place

Space is the Place, 1974


A musician (Sun Ra) lands on a distant planet to create a utopia.


Snapshot from Toomorrow

Toomorrow, 1970


Aliens, and pop music. This one defies description.


Snapshot from Rock 'n' Roll Revue

Rock 'n' Roll Revue, 1955


A series of classic 50s rock performances.


Snapshot from Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk, 1952


Abott & Costello star in this take on the famous children's tale.


Snapshot from Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding, 1951


Astaire and Powell are a dancing duo against the backdrop of a royal wedding.


Snapshot from Mr. Imperium

Mr. Imperium, 1951


An actress and monarch attempt to maintain a relationship through a period of change.


Snapshot from The Inspector General

The Inspector General, 1949


An idiot is mistaken for an undercover agent.


Snapshot from Riders of the Whistling Pines

Riders of the Whistling Pines, 1949


A gang of cowboys are destroying the forest.


Snapshot from Rim of the Canyon

Rim of the Canyon, 1949


A stolen horse reappears in a ghost town.


Snapshot from Mr Adam's Bomb

Mr Adam's Bomb, 1949


A family suspect their eccentric Uncle of trying to construct a bomb in this somewhat rare film, starring an all-black cast.


Snapshot from The Fabulous Dorseys

The Fabulous Dorseys, 1947


A songwriter finds out his girlfriend is going to be an artist's model.


Snapshot from Open the Door Richard

Open the Door Richard, 1947


A short comedic film starring Dusty Fletcher, inspired by the jazz classic of the same name.


Snapshot from Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl, 1947


A tale of two men, and the girl who loves them.


Snapshot from The Road to Hollywood

The Road to Hollywood, 1947


The rise of Bing Crosby.


Snapshot from Hi-De-Ho

Hi-De-Ho, 1947


A jazz-fest of music and love affairs.


Snapshot from Rainbow Over Texas

Rainbow Over Texas, 1946


Roy Rogers enters a pony express.


Snapshot from Utah

Utah, 1945


A plan to trick a new ranch owner out of her property goes sideways.


Snapshot from Lights of Old Sante Fe

Lights of Old Sante Fe, 1944


Two rodeos compete, getting downright dirty.


Snapshot from Minstrel Man

Minstrel Man, 1944


Follows a singer in a minstrel show.


Snapshot from Silver Spurs

Silver Spurs, 1943


Control of a ranch is up for grabs, and the Roy is the perfect fallguy.


Snapshot from Arizona Stagecoach

Arizona Stagecoach, 1942


The Range Busters help out a man framed in this fast-paced Western.


Snapshot from South of Santa Fe

South of Santa Fe, 1942


New Mexico, gold mining, and kidnapping.


Snapshot from Private Buckaroo

Private Buckaroo, 1942


A US army enlistment propoganda film.


Snapshot from Sunny

Sunny, 1941


A circus performer falls for a car dealer's son.


Snapshot from Nevada City

Nevada City, 1941


A railroader butts heads with a stageline owner.


Snapshot from Murder with Music

Murder with Music, 1941


A musical admirer is murdered, and the rest of the fans look suspect.


Snapshot from Second Chorus

Second Chorus, 1940


A pair of college students join a band to try and make it in the world.


Snapshot from No, No, Nanette

No, No, Nanette, 1940


Nanette attempts to untangle her uncle's love life, and ends up in her own love triangle.


Snapshot from In Old Caliente

In Old Caliente, 1939


Cowboys journey west to California, looking for peace and quiet.


Snapshot from Singing Cowgirl

Singing Cowgirl, 1938


Gold is found on a ranch, murder quickly follows.


Snapshot from Carefree

Carefree, 1938


A psychiatrist attempts to hypnotise a girl to help out a friend, with spectacular results.


Snapshot from Stepping Toes

Stepping Toes, 1938


The daughter of a showman is ashamed of her past, but her daughter inherited the family talent.


Snapshot from Swing High, Swing Lo

Swing High, Swing Lo, 1937


A singer stranded in Panama stays with an ex-soldier and a hypochondriac.


Snapshot from With Words and Music

With Words and Music, 1937


A man hatches a plan after a girl leads him on until he's broke.


Snapshot from Street Angel

Street Angel, 1937


Two sisters attempt to escape Shanghai.


Snapshot from Arizona Days

Arizona Days, 1937


Tex Ritter joins a travelling show, until it burns down. Tensions rise as he finds himself collecting taxes.


Snapshot from The Big Show

The Big Show, 1936


Two girls are confused by a cowboy and his stunt double.


Snapshot from Swing Time

Swing Time, 1936


A gambler travels to New York to earn the $25,000 he needs to marry his sweetheart, but becomes entangled in a dancer.


Snapshot from The Dancing Pirate

The Dancing Pirate, 1936


A dancer is shanghai'd by pirates.


Snapshot from Song of the Gringo

Song of the Gringo, 1936


A cowboy is sent to investigate when miners start dying.


Snapshot from Sitting on the Moon

Sitting on the Moon, 1936


Songwriters, a film star, and a blackmailer.


Snapshot from Follow the Fleet

Follow the Fleet, 1936


Whilst on liberty, a sailor tries to rekindle a romance.


Snapshot from Ten Minutes to Live

Ten Minutes to Live, 1932


A movie producer offers a nightclub singer a role in his film, but all he's really interested in his her... Other assets.


Snapshot from Dixiana

Dixiana, 1930


Two men vie for the attentions of the same girl during Mardi Gras


Snapshot from The Oklahoma Cyclone

The Oklahoma Cyclone, 1930


A cowboy hunting for revenge infiltrates a gang.


Snapshot from Reaching for the Moon

Reaching for the Moon, 1930


A Wall Street playboy is coached in the ways of love by his valet.