1852 films and counting...


Snapshot from Wild Guitar

Wild Guitar, 2020


A young man is given his shot at fame by a record company.


Snapshot from Superman the Musical

Superman the Musical, 2020


TV adaption of a failed Broadway show. You get what you expect. Originally 1975. Recreated by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Top Hat

Top Hat, 2019


A young man falls for a model, who mistakes him for her producer.


Snapshot from Sita Sings the Blues

Sita Sings the Blues, 2009


Even gods become human struggle to get marriage to work.


Snapshot from Heidi

Heidi, 2004


A girl raised in the mountains is sent to live in the city.


Snapshot from The Sound of Christmas

The Sound of Christmas, 1987


A somewhat inconsistent Christmas special starring Julie Andrews.


Snapshot from Space is the Place

Space is the Place, 1974


A musician (Sun Ra) lands on a distant planet to create a utopia.


Snapshot from Wild Guitar

Wild Guitar, 1962


A young man is given his shot at fame by a record company.


Snapshot from Black Tights

Black Tights, 1961


A strange Parisian film across four different continuities.


Snapshot from Rock, Rock, Rock!

Rock, Rock, Rock!, 1956


A young teen desperately tries to earn enough for a dress for the school rock 'n' roll dance.


Snapshot from Rhythm Blues Review

Rhythm Blues Review, 1955


A musical variety at the Apollo Theatre featuring many well known musicians.


Snapshot from Rock 'n' Roll Revue

Rock 'n' Roll Revue, 1955


A series of classic 50s rock performances.


Snapshot from Riders of the Whistling Pines

Riders of the Whistling Pines, 1949


A gang of cowboys are destroying the forest.


Snapshot from Rim of the Canyon

Rim of the Canyon, 1949


A stolen horse reappears in a ghost town.


Snapshot from Little Brown Jug

Little Brown Jug, 1948


An accident causes an apple cider flood, and all the animals get tipsy.


Snapshot from Short'nin' Bread

Short'nin' Bread, 1948


Baked goods and a song to get stuck in your head.


Snapshot from The Fabulous Dorseys

The Fabulous Dorseys, 1947


A songwriter finds out his girlfriend is going to be an artist's model.


Snapshot from Open the Door Richard

Open the Door Richard, 1947


A short comedic film starring Dusty Fletcher, inspired by the jazz classic of the same name.


Snapshot from Rainbow Over Texas

Rainbow Over Texas, 1946


Roy Rogers enters a pony express.


Snapshot from Breakfast in Hollywood

Breakfast in Hollywood, 1946


Nat King Cole, Spike Jones and more star in this film about a radio show, as a young couple fall in love.


Snapshot from Delightfully Dangerous

Delightfully Dangerous, 1945


A young girl visits her older sister, a performer in New York.


Snapshot from Utah

Utah, 1945


A plan to trick a new ranch owner out of her property goes sideways.


Snapshot from The Stork Club

The Stork Club, 1945


A greeting girl saves a man from drowning.


Snapshot from Song for Miss Julie

Song for Miss Julie, 1945


A Broadway writing team visit the descendants of a songwriter.


Snapshot from The Man from Music Mountain

The Man from Music Mountain, 1943


Shepherds and cattlemen clash.


Snapshot from Silver Spurs

Silver Spurs, 1943


Control of a ranch is up for grabs, and the Roy is the perfect fallguy.


Snapshot from Yanks are Coming

Yanks are Coming, 1942


A patriotic musical set in the time it was filmed.


Snapshot from Nevada City

Nevada City, 1941


A railroader butts heads with a stageline owner.


Snapshot from Sheriff of Tombstone

Sheriff of Tombstone, 1941


The mayor sends for a gunslinger, not to clean up the town, but to clean it out.


Snapshot from Fiesta

Fiesta, 1941


A woman returns to Mexico after a long absence, and everyone expects her to marry her childhood sweetheart... Until she arrives with a fiance.


Snapshot from Second Chorus

Second Chorus, 1940


A pair of college students join a band to try and make it in the world.


Snapshot from No, No, Nanette

No, No, Nanette, 1940


Nanette attempts to untangle her uncle's love life, and ends up in her own love triangle.


Snapshot from Up in the Air

Up in the Air, 1940


A terrible singer is killed on air, and the police are clueless. Her coworkers take steps.


Snapshot from Stepping Toes

Stepping Toes, 1938


The daughter of a showman is ashamed of her past, but her daughter inherited the family talent.


Snapshot from Songs and Saddles

Songs and Saddles, 1938


A gang of cowboys hustle in on a rancher's property.


Snapshot from Rhythm in the Clouds

Rhythm in the Clouds, 1937


A struggling songwriter talks her way into the home of a famous composer, only to find he's away.


Snapshot from Street Angel

Street Angel, 1937


Two sisters attempt to escape Shanghai.


Snapshot from Sing, Cowboy, Sing

Sing, Cowboy, Sing, 1937


A gang tries to sabotage a competitor's freight contract.


Snapshot from Arizona Days

Arizona Days, 1937


Tex Ritter joins a travelling show, until it burns down. Tensions rise as he finds himself collecting taxes.


Snapshot from Swing High, Swing Lo

Swing High, Swing Lo, 1937


A singer stranded in Panama stays with an ex-soldier and a hypochondriac.


Snapshot from Follow the Fleet

Follow the Fleet, 1936


Whilst on liberty, a sailor tries to rekindle a romance.


Snapshot from Swing Time

Swing Time, 1936


A gambler travels to New York to earn the $25,000 he needs to marry his sweetheart, but becomes entangled in a dancer.


Snapshot from The Dancing Pirate

The Dancing Pirate, 1936


A dancer is shanghai'd by pirates.


Snapshot from Alexandra

Alexandra, 1934


A princess flees as revolution turns her home into a warzone.


Snapshot from Ten Minutes to Live

Ten Minutes to Live, 1932


A movie producer offers a nightclub singer a role in his film, but all he's really interested in his her... Other assets.


Snapshot from You Don't Know What You're Doin'!

You Don't Know What You're Doin'!, 1931


An experimental cartoon created for an adult audience.


Snapshot from Dixiana

Dixiana, 1930


Two men vie for the attentions of the same girl during Mardi Gras


Snapshot from Reaching for the Moon

Reaching for the Moon, 1930


A Wall Street playboy is coached in the ways of love by his valet.


Snapshot from Glorifying the American Girl

Glorifying the American Girl, 1929


A young showgirl rises.


Snapshot from Dick Rich and His Synco Symphonists

Dick Rich and His Synco Symphonists, 1928


A vitaphone short.