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Snapshot from Wild Guitar

Wild Guitar, 2020


A young man is given his shot at fame by a record company.


Snapshot from Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera, 2019


A SIXTEENmm re-cut. Christine Daae begins to hear a musical master in the depths of the Opera de Paris.


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Snapshot from Space is the Place

Space is the Place, 1974


A musician (Sun Ra) lands on a distant planet to create a utopia.


Snapshot from Toomorrow

Toomorrow, 1970


Aliens, and pop music. This one defies description.


Snapshot from The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Pied Piper of Hamelin, 1957


A medieval town is overwhelmed by corruption, and rats.


Snapshot from Rhythm Blues Review

Rhythm Blues Review, 1955


A musical variety at the Apollo Theatre featuring many well known musicians.


Snapshot from Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk, 1952


Abott & Costello star in this take on the famous children's tale.


Snapshot from Rim of the Canyon

Rim of the Canyon, 1949


A stolen horse reappears in a ghost town.


Snapshot from Mr Adam's Bomb

Mr Adam's Bomb, 1949


A family suspect their eccentric Uncle of trying to construct a bomb in this somewhat rare film, starring an all-black cast.


Snapshot from The Inspector General

The Inspector General, 1949


An idiot is mistaken for an undercover agent.


Snapshot from Riders of the Whistling Pines

Riders of the Whistling Pines, 1949


A gang of cowboys are destroying the forest.


Snapshot from Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl, 1947


A tale of two men, and the girl who loves them.


Snapshot from Reet, Petite, and Gone

Reet, Petite, and Gone, 1947


A wealthy musical star is dying, but has a last dream to unite his son and the daughter of a long lost love.


Snapshot from Hi-De-Ho

Hi-De-Ho, 1947


A jazz-fest of music and love affairs.


Snapshot from Open the Door Richard

Open the Door Richard, 1947


A short comedic film starring Dusty Fletcher, inspired by the jazz classic of the same name.


Snapshot from Rainbow Over Texas

Rainbow Over Texas, 1946


Roy Rogers enters a pony express.


Snapshot from Song for Miss Julie

Song for Miss Julie, 1945


A Broadway writing team visit the descendants of a songwriter.


Snapshot from The Stork Club

The Stork Club, 1945


A greeting girl saves a man from drowning.


Snapshot from Swing Hostess

Swing Hostess, 1944


A big band singer takes a job as an operator for a jukebox company.


Snapshot from Hi Diddle Diddle

Hi Diddle Diddle, 1943


A bride's mother is swindled, and the groom's father sets out to fix it.


Snapshot from Silver Spurs

Silver Spurs, 1943


Control of a ranch is up for grabs, and the Roy is the perfect fallguy.


Snapshot from Zis Boom Bah

Zis Boom Bah, 1941


A performer finds her son who thought she was dead, but he's terrible. So she decides to set him straight.


Snapshot from Underground Rustlers

Underground Rustlers, 1941


The Range Busters are sent to deal with a series of bullion heists.


Snapshot from Murder with Music

Murder with Music, 1941


A musical admirer is murdered, and the rest of the fans look suspect.


Snapshot from Fiesta

Fiesta, 1941


A woman returns to Mexico after a long absence, and everyone expects her to marry her childhood sweetheart... Until she arrives with a fiance.


Snapshot from All-American Co-Ed

All-American Co-Ed, 1941


Boy pretends to be girl, falls in love with girl, now he has to get out, without losing her!


Snapshot from Let's Go Collegiate

Let's Go Collegiate, 1941


A star rower is drafted right before the championship, so the team decides to try and pass off a truck driver as the athlete.


Snapshot from No, No, Nanette

No, No, Nanette, 1940


Nanette attempts to untangle her uncle's love life, and ends up in her own love triangle.


Snapshot from Second Chorus

Second Chorus, 1940


A pair of college students join a band to try and make it in the world.


Snapshot from Paradise in Harlem

Paradise in Harlem, 1939


A comedian's dreams are dashed after witnessing a mob killing.


Snapshot from Songs and Saddles

Songs and Saddles, 1938


A gang of cowboys hustle in on a rancher's property.


Snapshot from Swing!

Swing!, 1938


A cook runs away from her abusive husband, to Harlem.


Snapshot from Swing High, Swing Lo

Swing High, Swing Lo, 1937


A singer stranded in Panama stays with an ex-soldier and a hypochondriac.


Snapshot from Street Angel

Street Angel, 1937


Two sisters attempt to escape Shanghai.


Snapshot from Shall We Dance

Shall We Dance, 1937


A classic musical. A classical ballet dancer falls for a tap dancer.


Snapshot from With Words and Music

With Words and Music, 1937


A man hatches a plan after a girl leads him on until he's broke.


Snapshot from Sing, Cowboy, Sing

Sing, Cowboy, Sing, 1937


A gang tries to sabotage a competitor's freight contract.


Snapshot from Public Cowboy No. 1

Public Cowboy No. 1, 1937


Rustlers using modern technology are targeted.


Snapshot from The Dancing Pirate

The Dancing Pirate, 1936


A dancer is shanghai'd by pirates.


Snapshot from The Big Show

The Big Show, 1936


Two girls are confused by a cowboy and his stunt double.


Snapshot from The Gay Divorcee

The Gay Divorcee, 1934


A woman travels to England, seeking a divorce, employing the services of a bumbling attorney.


Snapshot from Palooka

Palooka, 1934


A fighter takes the championship.


Snapshot from Flying Down to Rio

Flying Down to Rio, 1933


A composer leaves a band to pursue a flirtatious young woman, but trouble waits them at every turn.


Snapshot from Dora - Dunkin' Donuts

Dora - Dunkin' Donuts, 1933


A classroom of students make a radio commercial.


Snapshot from Riders of Destiny

Riders of Destiny, 1933


A government agent is sent to investigate a man who controls the water.


Snapshot from Ten Minutes to Live

Ten Minutes to Live, 1932


A movie producer offers a nightclub singer a role in his film, but all he's really interested in his her... Other assets.


Snapshot from You Don't Know What You're Doin'!

You Don't Know What You're Doin'!, 1931


An experimental cartoon created for an adult audience.


Snapshot from The Oklahoma Cyclone

The Oklahoma Cyclone, 1930


A cowboy hunting for revenge infiltrates a gang.


Snapshot from Dixiana

Dixiana, 1930


Two men vie for the attentions of the same girl during Mardi Gras


Snapshot from Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera, 1925


Christine Daae begins to hear a musical master in the depths of the Opera de Paris.