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Kung Fu

Snapshot from Kindergarten Ninja

Kindergarten Ninja, 1994


He returns to earth to help rehabilitate a gridiron star.


Snapshot from Ninja Empire

Ninja Empire, 1990


US federal agents reach out to a group of ninjas to help them solve the murders of several prostitutes.


Snapshot from Ninja Death II

Ninja Death II, 1987


Tiger is being stalked by something evil, but his Master is confident.


Snapshot from Ninja Death I

Ninja Death I, 1987


A brothel owner has his hands full when a group of ninjas attack!


Snapshot from Four Robbers

Four Robbers, 1987


Loyalty, principles, and four unstoppable thieves.


Snapshot from Ninja Death III

Ninja Death III, 1987


The final confrontation. Tiger, the blind fortuneteller, against the Grandmaster, the Devil, and their army.


Snapshot from Ninja, The Protector

Ninja, The Protector, 1986


Two brothers hunt down a forger.


Snapshot from Ninja Champion

Ninja Champion, 1986


A couple attacked in the woods is attacked... But the two of them have plans for revenge.


Snapshot from City Ninja

City Ninja, 1985


A tournament fighter takes part in a hunt for a pendant.


Snapshot from The Master Max

The Master Max, 1984


A Korean war veteran remained in Japan after the war, training as a ninja.


Snapshot from Shaolin Deadly Kicks

Shaolin Deadly Kicks, 1982


Eight thieves split a map between them, swearing to return to recover the treasure in three years... But someone is after them.


Snapshot from The Impossible Kid

The Impossible Kid, 1982


An undercover agent is sent to stop a man holding the Phillipines to ransom.


Snapshot from Death of a Ninja

Death of a Ninja, 1982


A prophecy is made - whoever marries Ukio will become ruler of the world. Amongst those who vie for her hand is an evil lord.


Snapshot from Head Hunter

Head Hunter, 1982


Chow Yun Fat is a brutal hitman.


Snapshot from Weapons of Death

Weapons of Death, 1981


A girl's half brother puts together a group of experts to get her back after she is kidnapped.


Snapshot from Kung Fu Kids Break Away

Kung Fu Kids Break Away, 1980


A village tyrant is challenged by a traveller and three children.


Snapshot from The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu

The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu, 1980


A pair of patriots find themselves in trouble after they are sent to stop a fearsome gang.


Snapshot from Shadow Ninja

Shadow Ninja, 1980


A veteran plays both sides of the law.


Snapshot from The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane

The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane, 1980


A king attempts to kill himself and his family after they are invaded.


Snapshot from Fist of Fear, Touch of Death

Fist of Fear, Touch of Death, 1980


A strangely estoric film about Bruce Lee.


Snapshot from Karate Kids USA

Karate Kids USA, 1979


Karate experts attempt to save a kidnapped girl


Snapshot from Killer of Snakes, Fox of Shaolin

Killer of Snakes, Fox of Shaolin, 1978


The snake-god attempts to seize a bride, sparking her father to seek out help.


Snapshot from Deadly Duo

Deadly Duo, 1978


His fiance was murdered by a group of Manchu killers searching for rebels... Well, they have one now.


Snapshot from Image of Bruce Lee

Image of Bruce Lee, 1978


Hong Kong police attempt to stop a gang of counterfeiters.


Snapshot from Kung Fu Arts

Kung Fu Arts, 1978


A princess' fiance is framed, and escapes into hiding, vowing to return with a vengeance.


Snapshot from Heroes of Shaolin II

Heroes of Shaolin II, 1977


Two martial arts champions clash, defeating all in their way.


Snapshot from Shaolin Invincibles

Shaolin Invincibles, 1977


Two women set out for vengeance after the Emperor's men butcher their families.


Snapshot from Heroes of Shaolin I

Heroes of Shaolin I, 1977


Two martial arts champions clash, defeating all in their way.


Snapshot from The Four Shaolin Challengers

The Four Shaolin Challengers, 1977


A hawker stands up to the local crime family.


Snapshot from The Real Bruce Lee

The Real Bruce Lee, 1977


An early Bruce Lee masterpiece.


Snapshot from Death Machines

Death Machines, 1976


An evil sorceress turns three martial artists into assassins and sends them against her enemies.


Snapshot from Return of the Kung Fu Dragon

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon, 1976


The Golden City of Phoenix Island is conquered. The princess and three children are all that escape.


Snapshot from Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple, 1976


The Temple is the last stand against the Manchu Dynasty.


Snapshot from Hands of Death

Hands of Death, 1974


An undercover agent attempts to take down a ruthless opium ring.


Snapshot from Chase Step By Step

Chase Step By Step, 1974


Two circus performers are charged with protecting a shipment of gold.


Snapshot from The Street Fighter

The Street Fighter, 1974


A karate master protects a youn woman from the Yakuza.


Snapshot from Sister Street Fighter

Sister Street Fighter, 1974


A girl is pressured into saving her brother who was captured during an undercover operation.


Snapshot from The Brave Lion

The Brave Lion, 1974


Two brutal overseers take over a POW camp in occupied China during WWII.


Snapshot from Infernal Street

Infernal Street, 1973


Morphine peddling dealers become a target.


Snapshot from Spirits of Bruce Lee

Spirits of Bruce Lee, 1973


A martial arts expert tries to find his missing brother.


Snapshot from The Big Fight

The Big Fight, 1972


Chinese POWs rise up against their captors.


Snapshot from Ninja Heat

Ninja Heat, 1972


A wrongfully imprisoned man sets out with vengeance in his heart.


Snapshot from Ten Fingers of Death

Ten Fingers of Death, 1971


A boy sets out to avenge his father's death.