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Snapshot from Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead, 2020


Seven people are trapped in a farmhouse when a hoard of creatures attack. Colorized by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Dementia 13

Dementia 13, 2020


A scheming widow hatches a plan to get her hands on his inheritance. Originally 1963. Colorized by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Atom Age Vampire

Atom Age Vampire, 2019


A stripper is disfigured in an accident. A madman finds a way to help restore what she lost... At a cost. Recolored by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Darkside Blues

Darkside Blues, 1994


A mysterious figure takes on the underworld of Tokyo.


Snapshot from The Vagrant

The Vagrant, 1992


A yuppie is convinced a homeless man is trying to destroy him.


Snapshot from Incipit Vita Nova

Incipit Vita Nova, 1992


A strange series of events.


Snapshot from The Last Halloween

The Last Halloween, 1991


Four Martians crash land.


Snapshot from Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis, 1990


A scientist attempting to prevent aging experiments on himself.


Snapshot from Swirlee

Swirlee, 1990


A man with an icecream cone for a head takes a bath.


Snapshot from Early Frost

Early Frost, 1982


A divorce investigation turns up a body.


Snapshot from The Necrotic

The Necrotic, 1982


A doctor begins by murdering his unfaithful wife...


Snapshot from Funeral Home

Funeral Home, 1980


A woman goes to turn her grandmother's old home into a bed and breakfast... A home that used to be a funeral home.


Snapshot from The Treasure in the Forest

The Treasure in the Forest, 1980


An adaption of H.G. Wells horror story.


Snapshot from Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned

Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned, 1980


Dracula takes control of a Satanic cult to father a child.


Snapshot from Driller Killer

Driller Killer, 1979


An artist descends into madness, and murder.


Snapshot from Alien Factor

Alien Factor, 1978


An intergalactic zoo crashes on Earth.


Snapshot from Abbott & Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Abbott & Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1977


They meet the mysterious Dr. Jekyll, and his strange alter-ego.


Snapshot from The Creature Walks Among Us

The Creature Walks Among Us, 1977


Scientists attempt to turn the Creature into a man.


Snapshot from The Contraption

The Contraption, 1977


A man painstakingly crafts a giant mousetrap.


Snapshot from Revenge of the Creature

Revenge of the Creature, 1977


Panic in a seaside town after the Creature breaks out of captivity.


Snapshot from Frankenstein

Frankenstein, 1977


A mad scientist discovers the key to life.


Snapshot from Dracula

Dracula, 1977


Two men frantically search for the vampiric count, and his victims.


Snapshot from Rattlers

Rattlers, 1976


An investigation into a series of fatal rattlesnake attacks leads to something more.


Snapshot from Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby

Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby, 1976


Satan's child has to learn to deal with who he is - and his father.


Snapshot from The Witches' Mountain

The Witches' Mountain, 1975


A photojournalist on assignment stays at an old castle.


Snapshot from Himiko

Himiko, 1974


When the shamanic queen Himiko falls in love, her power weakens, and her enemies close in.


Snapshot from Evil of Dracula

Evil of Dracula, 1974


A teacher arrives at a school.


Snapshot from Messiah of Evil

Messiah of Evil, 1973


A young woman searching for her father encounters an undead cult.


Snapshot from Crypt of the Living Dead

Crypt of the Living Dead, 1973


Two archeologists stumble into a crypt. Upscaled by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Horror Express

Horror Express, 1972


An anthroplogist discovers a frozen prehistoric creature, and transports it by train.


Snapshot from The Snake People

The Snake People, 1971


A scientist creates an army of zombies using LSD.


Snapshot from Jesse James meets Frankenstein's Daughter

Jesse James meets Frankenstein's Daughter, 1966


Jesse James hides out at Frankenstein's Castle.


Snapshot from Frankenstein Conquers The World

Frankenstein Conquers The World, 1965


A heart is exposed to radiation during the bombing of Hiroshima, with devestating results.


Snapshot from Dead Men

Dead Men, 1965


A kindly doctor's twin died in what the doctor called self defence... But the man doesn't stay in his grave.


Snapshot from The Terror

The Terror, 1963


A young officer pursues a woman to a mysterious castle.


Snapshot from Carnival of Souls

Carnival of Souls, 1962


After a traumatic accident a woman finds herself inexplicapably drawn to a carnival.


Snapshot from No Place Like Homicide!

No Place Like Homicide!, 1961


All he has to do to inherit is spend the night in a creepy house with the rest of his relatives. What could go wrong?


Snapshot from It Came From Outer Space

It Came From Outer Space, 1960


A spaceship crashes in the Arizona desert. Short version made for Super 8.


Snapshot from The Screaming Skull

The Screaming Skull, 1958


A newly married couple arrive at the garden of the husband's late wife.


Snapshot from Teenagers Battle the Thing

Teenagers Battle the Thing, 1958


Archeologist students uncover something.


Snapshot from Not of this Earth

Not of this Earth, 1957


An alien from a distant planet infiltrates the Earth to steal a vital resource - blood.


Snapshot from Mesa of Lost Women

Mesa of Lost Women, 1953


A mad scientists experiments with spiders, and women.


Snapshot from Phantom from Space

Phantom from Space, 1953


An alien kills two people after arriving in Santa Monica.


Snapshot from Fear in the Night

Fear in the Night, 1947


A man dreams of murder... But begins to suspect it wasn't just a dream.


Snapshot from The Mad Monster

The Mad Monster, 1942


A scientist pursues his theories whilst the world ridicules him.


Snapshot from Spooks Run Wild

Spooks Run Wild, 1941


The boys are sent to a mountain camp, where stories of a 'monster killer surround them.


Snapshot from Maniac

Maniac, 1934


An actor assists a mad scientist in raising the dead.


Snapshot from The Vampire Bat

The Vampire Bat, 1933


Corpses drained of blood begin appearing in a village.


Snapshot from Dracula

Dracula, 1931


Count Dracula travels to England where he finds the delectable young Mina.


Snapshot from Frankenstein

Frankenstein, 1910


A young medical student discovers the key to life.