1833 films and counting...


Snapshot from Wild Guitar

Wild Guitar, 2020


A young man is given his shot at fame by a record company.


Snapshot from Victim

Victim, 2019


A young man's death uncovers a blackmail plot against homosexuals in London. Originally 1961. Colorized by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol, 2019


The classic story from Charles Dickens.


Snapshot from Roulette

Roulette, 2010


A boy finds his luck is more predictable than that of others.



Snapshot from Detour

Detour, 1992


A nightclub piano player hitchhikes to the West Coast.


Snapshot from Call of the Wild - Howl, Buck

Call of the Wild - Howl, Buck, 1981


A fight for survival in the Alaskan wilderness.


Snapshot from The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane

The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane, 1980


A king attempts to kill himself and his family after they are invaded.


Snapshot from Strongroom

Strongroom, 1962


A bank manager and a cashier are locked in a strongroom.


Snapshot from Three Blondes in His Life

Three Blondes in His Life, 1961


An insurance investigator hunts for a missing colleague.


Snapshot from The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery

The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery, 1959


100 Grand is the take. The only problem is who will hold their nerve.


Snapshot from Man Accused

Man Accused, 1959


Accused of a murder he didn't commit, a man breaks out to find the real culprits.


Snapshot from Season of Passion

Season of Passion, 1959


Two Australians spend their annual vacation with their mistresses.


Snapshot from Tank Battalion

Tank Battalion, 1958


One tank, four soldiers. Behind enemy lines.


Snapshot from Rock, Rock, Rock!

Rock, Rock, Rock!, 1956


A young teen desperately tries to earn enough for a dress for the school rock 'n' roll dance.


Snapshot from They Can't Hang Me

They Can't Hang Me, 1955


An investigator has five days to uncover a spymaster, or a traitor will be given a reprieve.


Snapshot from 12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men, 1954


Only one juror is undecided.


Snapshot from Both Sides of the Law

Both Sides of the Law, 1953


A fictionalised documentary-style look into police women of the time.


Snapshot from The Green Glove

The Green Glove, 1952


An ex-soldier and his gal look through the ruins of France for a relic... But they aren't the only ones looking.


Snapshot from The Capture

The Capture, 1950


An injured man appears at a priest's feet.


Snapshot from Woman in Brown

Woman in Brown, 1948


A baron attempts to force a group of Jews from their home after he discovers oil in the land below.


Snapshot from When the Bough Breaks

When the Bough Breaks, 1947


A young mother struggles to let go after putting her child up for adoption.


Snapshot from Reet, Petite, and Gone

Reet, Petite, and Gone, 1947


A wealthy musical star is dying, but has a last dream to unite his son and the daughter of a long lost love.


Snapshot from Detour

Detour, 1945


A hitchhiker takes the identity of a cab driver after he dies.


Snapshot from Waterfront

Waterfront, 1944


A Nazi spy loses his codebook.


Snapshot from That's My Baby

That's My Baby, 1944


A daughter and her boyfriend scheme to find her father love.


Snapshot from The Outlaw

The Outlaw, 1943


A woman comes between three of the legends of the west.


Snapshot from Parachute Battalion

Parachute Battalion, 1941


A pre-Pearl Harbor recruiting film.


Snapshot from The Miracle Kid

The Miracle Kid, 1941


A fighter's lovelife becomes a target after he becomes famous.


Snapshot from Bowery Blitzkrieg

Bowery Blitzkrieg, 1941


A cop tries to save a street-fighting kid... Whilst another is dragged out of the classroom into the same bloodied streets. An East Side Kids film.


Snapshot from Sundown

Sundown, 1941


A mysterious woman helps the British fight the Nazis.


Snapshot from Power Dive

Power Dive, 1941


Following a crash, a man and his brother attempt to build a plane to get them to safety.


Snapshot from Paradise in Harlem

Paradise in Harlem, 1939


A comedian's dreams are dashed after witnessing a mob killing.


Snapshot from Star Reporter

Star Reporter, 1939


An idealistic newspaper owner campaigns against corruption, and takes on the DA, whose daughter he cares for.


Snapshot from Water Rustlers

Water Rustlers, 1939


A rancher goes up against another after he diverts the water.


Snapshot from Slightly Honorable

Slightly Honorable, 1939


A lawyer is framed for the murder of a party girl.


Snapshot from Made For Each Other

Made For Each Other, 1939


An ambitious lawyer marries a day after falling for a complete stranger.


Snapshot from Telephone Operator

Telephone Operator, 1937


An inexperienced telephone operator is put at the center when a major disaster hits the city.


Snapshot from Wrong Road

Wrong Road, 1937


A young couple undertake a desperate robbery.


Snapshot from Paradise Isle

Paradise Isle, 1937


A blind artist is shipwrecked on an island.


Snapshot from Skybound

Skybound, 1935


A captain in charge of the border patrol takes on a smuggling duo.


Snapshot from Beggars in Ermine

Beggars in Ermine, 1934


A destitute and ruined man scours the countryside, organising a union of those with nothing, to take back his steel mill.


Snapshot from Midnight

Midnight, 1934


A jury foreman is forced to confront his actions after a woman he found guilty is executed.


Snapshot from The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter, 1934


A young woman is put under pressure after getting pregnant outside of wedlock.


Snapshot from Night Alarm

Night Alarm, 1934


A reporter catches a break with a series of arson cases.


Snapshot from Manhattan Tower

Manhattan Tower, 1932


A crooked CEO ruins the lives of the workers throughout a skyscraper.


Snapshot from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1923


An archdeacon and gypsy king, a monster and a gypsy queen.


Snapshot from Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments, 1923


An early Christian piece.


Snapshot from Nathan der Weise

Nathan der Weise, 1922


Once thought lost, this film is set during the Crusades.


Snapshot from Shattered

Shattered, 1921


During a hard winter, the section inspector comes to stay with an isolated family.


Snapshot from Within Our Gates

Within Our Gates, 1919


Abandoned, traumatised, but educated a woman born in the wrong time to the wrong skin tries to create a new future.