1878 films and counting...


Snapshot from Mallboy

Mallboy, 2000


A 14 year old boy from a broken home tries to make the best of things.


Snapshot from American Job

American Job, 1996


Follows a man living in America with a minimum wage job.


Snapshot from Detour

Detour, 1992


A nightclub piano player hitchhikes to the West Coast.


Snapshot from Just Married

Just Married, 1985


A young couple faces their daily lives.


Snapshot from Mr. Halpern and Mr. Johnson

Mr. Halpern and Mr. Johnson, 1983


Two old friends uncover that one of them has been in love with the other's wife for thirty years.


Snapshot from Bronk

Bronk, 1976


A cop drama based in California.


Snapshot from A Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His Dog, 1975


Food and sex in the wastelands of an apocalypse dominate this clip about a boy, his dog, and the telepathic link they share.


Snapshot from The Boxer

The Boxer, 1972


A boxer's manager receives a threat.


Snapshot from Shanty Tramp

Shanty Tramp, 1967


The night a revivalist preacher is in town, her racist father catches her with the wrong race, and she pretends rape in desperation.


Snapshot from Season of Passion

Season of Passion, 1959


Two Australians spend their annual vacation with their mistresses.


Snapshot from They Can't Hang Me

They Can't Hang Me, 1955


An investigator has five days to uncover a spymaster, or a traitor will be given a reprieve.


Snapshot from Jail Bait

Jail Bait, 1954


An up and coming criminal blackmails a kid into having his father change their face.


Snapshot from Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac, 1950


Based on the play, this follows the swordsman-poet and his attempts to woo a woman.


Snapshot from The Great Dan Patch

The Great Dan Patch, 1949


Based on the story of the legendary trotting horse.


Snapshot from Race Street

Race Street, 1948


A police lieutenant and a bookie look into the death of a friend.


Snapshot from Ruthless

Ruthless, 1948


A poor boy is rescued by a rich girl.


Snapshot from Katy's Love Affair

Katy's Love Affair, 1947


The lives of one British family through three ways, and four generations.


Snapshot from That Brennan Girl

That Brennan Girl, 1946


Ziggy's mother teaches her the tricks of the trade, and leads the girl down a mischeivous path.


Snapshot from The Adventures of Tartu

The Adventures of Tartu, 1943


A bomb disposal agent is sent deep behind enemy lines.


Snapshot from December 7th, 1941

December 7th, 1941, 1943


A docudrama covering the events of Pearl Harbour, and the entry of the USA into World War II.


Snapshot from Occult Forces

Occult Forces, 1943


A French politician is drawn into a Masonic conspiracy.


Snapshot from Aerial Gunner

Aerial Gunner, 1943


Basic training, rivals, and a woman. A timeless story.


Snapshot from Mad Monster

Mad Monster, 1942


In order to prove his theories, a scientist transforms his assistant into a beast.


Snapshot from Lady Gangster

Lady Gangster, 1942


A woman who played decoy in a bank robbery is caught, her former childhood sweetheart rushes to her rescue.


Snapshot from Bowery Blitzkrieg

Bowery Blitzkrieg, 1941


A cop tries to save a street-fighting kid... Whilst another is dragged out of the classroom into the same bloodied streets. An East Side Kids film.


Snapshot from Water Rustlers

Water Rustlers, 1939


A rancher goes up against another after he diverts the water.


Snapshot from Bad Boy

Bad Boy, 1939


A young man leaves home for the big city.


Snapshot from The Little Princess

The Little Princess, 1939


Her father is called to the Boer war, and she goes to a private school for girls.


Snapshot from Star Reporter

Star Reporter, 1939


An idealistic newspaper owner campaigns against corruption, and takes on the DA, whose daughter he cares for.


Snapshot from Sunset Murder Case

Sunset Murder Case, 1938


A small-time showgirl poses as a stripper to get close to the man she believes murdered her father.


Snapshot from Mr. Wong, Detective

Mr. Wong, Detective, 1938


Wong investigates a series of murders, including a chemical manufacturer.


Snapshot from Under the Big Top

Under the Big Top, 1938


A young trapeze artist's romance is sabotaged by family and rivals.


Snapshot from Rollin' Plains

Rollin' Plains, 1938


Cattlemen and sheep herders clash.


Snapshot from Sing, Cowboy, Sing

Sing, Cowboy, Sing, 1937


A gang tries to sabotage a competitor's freight contract.


Snapshot from Telephone Operator

Telephone Operator, 1937


An inexperienced telephone operator is put at the center when a major disaster hits the city.


Snapshot from Below the Deadline

Below the Deadline, 1936


A cop and his fiance are framed by a group of thieves hunting for diamonds.


Snapshot from Sitting on the Moon

Sitting on the Moon, 1936


Songwriters, a film star, and a blackmailer.


Snapshot from Little Lord Fauntelroy

Little Lord Fauntelroy, 1936


A young boy is the long lost heir to a British fortune.


Snapshot from Skybound

Skybound, 1935


A captain in charge of the border patrol takes on a smuggling duo.


Snapshot from The Scarlet Pimpernel

The Scarlet Pimpernel, 1934


A vigilante rescues those destined for the guillotine.


Snapshot from Judge Priest

Judge Priest, 1934


A judge with humanity and common sense dispenses justice in a small town.


Snapshot from The Three Muskateers

The Three Muskateers, 1933


Three soldiers are rescued in the Arabian desert.


Snapshot from People on Sunday

People on Sunday, 1930


A man sees a girl who has been stood up...


Snapshot from The Iron Mask

The Iron Mask, 1929


The story of the Three Muskateers.


Snapshot from The Racketeer

The Racketeer, 1929


A gangster chases a lady of sophistication.


Snapshot from La Roue (The Wheel)

La Roue (The Wheel), 1923


A railwayman and his son both fall for the same woman, with tragic results.


Snapshot from Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments, 1923


An early Christian piece.


Snapshot from Shattered

Shattered, 1921


During a hard winter, the section inspector comes to stay with an isolated family.


Snapshot from Within Our Gates

Within Our Gates, 1919


Abandoned, traumatised, but educated a woman born in the wrong time to the wrong skin tries to create a new future.


Snapshot from Ben Hur

Ben Hur, 1907


A man is wrongfully arrested and enslaved by the Roman Empire.