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Snapshot from Shoot to Kill

Shoot to Kill, 2020


An FBI agent and tracker pursue a murderer into the mountains.


Snapshot from Study in Scarlet

Study in Scarlet, 2020


Members of a trust are being murdered, a widow goes to Sherlock Holmes. Originally 1933. Colorized by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Shield for Murder

Shield for Murder, 2020


A corrupt cop is witnessed killing a bookie, sparking off a string of murders. Originally 1954.


Snapshot from Murder Ahoy!

Murder Ahoy!, 2019


Miss Marple is a trustee of a merchant marine training vessel, when one of the fellow trustees are poisoned. (Colorized by SIXTEENmm).


Snapshot from Murder Most Foul

Murder Most Foul, 2019


Miss Marple joins a theatrical company after a blackmailer is murdered. (Colorized by SIXTEENmm).


Snapshot from Murder She Said

Murder She Said, 2019


Miss Marple witnesses a woman strangled to death on a passing train. Originally 1961. Colorized by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Shoot to Kill

Shoot to Kill, 1988


An FBI agent and tracker pursue a murderer into the mountains.


Snapshot from Four Robbers

Four Robbers, 1987


Loyalty, principles, and four unstoppable thieves.


Snapshot from The One-Eyed Soldiers

The One-Eyed Soldiers, 1976


A UN official falls from a church rooftop.


Snapshot from Bronk

Bronk, 1976


A cop drama based in California.


Snapshot from La baby sitter

La baby sitter, 1975


A naive young girl is forcefully kidnapped while babysitting the son of a wealthy food mogul.


Snapshot from Sister Street Fighter

Sister Street Fighter, 1974


A girl is pressured into saving her brother who was captured during an undercover operation.


Snapshot from Medusa

Medusa, 1973


A stewardess is murdered by someone in a mask.


Snapshot from Master Touch

Master Touch, 1972


A recently released thief decides to take on one last high-stakes job.


Snapshot from The Boxer

The Boxer, 1972


A boxer's manager receives a threat.


Snapshot from Ransom Money

Ransom Money, 1970


A detective attempts to free a boy being held for a million dollar ransom.


Snapshot from Cold Sweat

Cold Sweat, 1970


After his family is taken hostage, an ex-military man is pulled into a smuggling operation.


Snapshot from The Alphabet Murders

The Alphabet Murders, 1965


A serial killer teases the greatest detective in the world.


Snapshot from Strongroom

Strongroom, 1962


A bank manager and a cashier are locked in a strongroom.


Snapshot from Three Blondes in His Life

Three Blondes in His Life, 1961


An insurance investigator hunts for a missing colleague.


Snapshot from Please Murder Me

Please Murder Me, 1956


A lawyer tries to free his client, a woman accused of murder.


Snapshot from The Man on the Eiffel Tower

The Man on the Eiffel Tower, 1949


Maigret investigates the murder of a rich Parisian widow.


Snapshot from Jigsaw

Jigsaw, 1949


An Assistant District Attorney investigates a series of murders, but finds something worse.


Snapshot from Parole Inc.

Parole Inc., 1948


An officer is sent to investigate corruption in the parole system.


Snapshot from Sleeping Car to Trieste

Sleeping Car to Trieste, 1948


Spies hunt for a missing journal.


Snapshot from Fear in the Night

Fear in the Night, 1947


A man dreams of murder... But begins to suspect it wasn't just a dream.


Snapshot from The Paradine Case

The Paradine Case, 1947


A London barrister falls for the woman he is defending.


Snapshot from Dick Tracy vs Cueball

Dick Tracy vs Cueball, 1946


A set of diamonds is stolen, but before the thief can fence them, Cueball relieves him of his life... And that's not the last one he kills.


Snapshot from The Stranger

The Stranger, 1946


A Nazi hunter travels to Connecticut


Snapshot from Midnight Manhunt

Midnight Manhunt, 1945


A gangster is killed and his package stolen. A reporter hides the body, trying to get the scoop.


Snapshot from Dick Tracy Detective

Dick Tracy Detective, 1945


Dick Tracy is on the tail of a serial killer, known as Splitface.


Snapshot from Panther's Claw

Panther's Claw, 1942


A man is arrested as he breaks into a cemetary, following a blackmail letter.


Snapshot from The Payoff

The Payoff, 1942


A district attorney is murdered, but a reporter thinks there is more to the story.


Snapshot from Star Reporter

Star Reporter, 1939


An idealistic newspaper owner campaigns against corruption, and takes on the DA, whose daughter he cares for.


Snapshot from Prison Break

Prison Break, 1938


A man newly arrived home takes the fall after a friend is found near a dead body.


Snapshot from Sunset Murder Case

Sunset Murder Case, 1938


A small-time showgirl poses as a stripper to get close to the man she believes murdered her father.


Snapshot from Non-Stop New York

Non-Stop New York, 1937


A young woman is targetted on a transatlantic flight.


Snapshot from The Shadow Strikes

The Shadow Strikes, 1937


A wealthy client is killed in the middle of a meeting.


Snapshot from Wrong Road

Wrong Road, 1937


A young couple undertake a desperate robbery.


Snapshot from The Wrong Road

The Wrong Road, 1937


A young couple in trouble decide to rob a bank.


Snapshot from Rogues' Tavern

Rogues' Tavern, 1936


A mad killer is on the loose.


Snapshot from Disorder in the Court

Disorder in the Court, 1936


The Three Stooges are witnesses at a murder trial.


Snapshot from Sinful Cargo

Sinful Cargo, 1936


A movie producer is investigated for people smuggling.


Snapshot from Sabotage

Sabotage, 1936


A detective for Scotland Yard is undercover, and hunting down a terrorist in London.


Snapshot from Waterfront Lady

Waterfront Lady, 1935


A young man is dragged into a police manhunt after covering for his business partner.


Snapshot from The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps, 1935


A man gets drawn into a counterespionage plot.


Snapshot from A Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet, 1933


Members of a trust are being murdered, a widow goes to Sherlock Holmes.


Snapshot from The Sphinx

The Sphinx, 1933


A mute is a suspect in a murder.


Snapshot from The Sleeping Cardinal

The Sleeping Cardinal, 1931


A film once thought lost - Holmes investigates a card ring controlled by the mysterious Moriarty.


Snapshot from Won in the Clouds

Won in the Clouds, 1928


Biplane pilots take on thieves over diamonds.