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Snapshot from Murder Most Foul

Murder Most Foul, 2019


Miss Marple joins a theatrical company after a blackmailer is murdered. (Colorized by SIXTEENmm).


Snapshot from My Boys are Good Boys

My Boys are Good Boys, 1978


Teenagers plot to rob an armoured car.


Snapshot from The One-Eyed Soldiers

The One-Eyed Soldiers, 1976


A UN official falls from a church rooftop.


Snapshot from Bronk

Bronk, 1976


A cop drama based in California.


Snapshot from Hands of Death

Hands of Death, 1974


An undercover agent attempts to take down a ruthless opium ring.


Snapshot from Manhunt

Manhunt, 1972


Two hitmen are dispatched to hunt down a pimp suspected of stealing a heroin shipment.


Snapshot from The Boxer

The Boxer, 1972


A boxer's manager receives a threat.


Snapshot from Ransom Money

Ransom Money, 1970


A detective attempts to free a boy being held for a million dollar ransom.


Snapshot from Shanty Tramp

Shanty Tramp, 1967


The night a revivalist preacher is in town, her racist father catches her with the wrong race, and she pretends rape in desperation.


Snapshot from Strongroom

Strongroom, 1962


A bank manager and a cashier are locked in a strongroom.


Snapshot from Man Accused

Man Accused, 1959


Accused of a murder he didn't commit, a man breaks out to find the real culprits.


Snapshot from Please Murder Me

Please Murder Me, 1956


A lawyer tries to free his client, a woman accused of murder.


Snapshot from The Fast and the Furious

The Fast and the Furious, 1955


A wrongly imprisoned man makes his escape.


Snapshot from They Can't Hang Me

They Can't Hang Me, 1955


An investigator has five days to uncover a spymaster, or a traitor will be given a reprieve.


Snapshot from Shoot First

Shoot First, 1953


A U.S. Army Colonel stumbles upon a spy ring.


Snapshot from The Green Glove

The Green Glove, 1952


An ex-soldier and his gal look through the ruins of France for a relic... But they aren't the only ones looking.


Snapshot from Quicksand

Quicksand, 1950


After a man 'borrows' $20 from his employer, things quickly spiral out of control.


Snapshot from The Capture

The Capture, 1950


An injured man appears at a priest's feet.


Snapshot from The Baron of Arizona

The Baron of Arizona, 1950


A swindler spends his time manufacturing the documents to seize control of all of Arizona.


Snapshot from Port of New York

Port of New York, 1949


Two narcotic agents take on an international smuggling ring.


Snapshot from Jigsaw

Jigsaw, 1949


An Assistant District Attorney investigates a series of murders, but finds something worse.


Snapshot from Fear in the Night

Fear in the Night, 1947


A man dreams of murder... But begins to suspect it wasn't just a dream.


Snapshot from Phantom of 42nd Street

Phantom of 42nd Street, 1945


A theatre critic teams up with the police to investigate the death of an actor.


Snapshot from Shake Hands with Murder

Shake Hands with Murder, 1944


A female bond-broker and her partner try and prove his innocence.


Snapshot from Sherlock Holmes in Washington

Sherlock Holmes in Washington, 1943


Sherlock and Watson attempt to protect a secret document from falling into the wrong hands.


Snapshot from Eyes in the Night

Eyes in the Night, 1942


A blind detective investigates a murder, and discovers something far more sinister.


Snapshot from Lady Gangster

Lady Gangster, 1942


A woman who played decoy in a bank robbery is caught, her former childhood sweetheart rushes to her rescue.


Snapshot from Panther's Claw

Panther's Claw, 1942


A man is arrested as he breaks into a cemetary, following a blackmail letter.


Snapshot from The Payoff

The Payoff, 1942


A district attorney is murdered, but a reporter thinks there is more to the story.


Snapshot from X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot, 1942


A private detective hunts his father's killers.


Snapshot from Roar of the Press

Roar of the Press, 1941


On their honeymoon, a reporter and his new bride stumble across some 5th columnists.


Snapshot from Desperate Cargo

Desperate Cargo, 1941


Two girls on the way to the US have their ship hijacked.


Snapshot from The Fatal Hour

The Fatal Hour, 1940


A police captain reaches out to a detective after a friend is murdered.


Snapshot from Star Reporter

Star Reporter, 1939


An idealistic newspaper owner campaigns against corruption, and takes on the DA, whose daughter he cares for.


Snapshot from The Devil's Party

The Devil's Party, 1938


A murder disrupts a reunion.


Snapshot from Prison Break

Prison Break, 1938


A man newly arrived home takes the fall after a friend is found near a dead body.


Snapshot from Sunset Murder Case

Sunset Murder Case, 1938


A small-time showgirl poses as a stripper to get close to the man she believes murdered her father.


Snapshot from The Shadow Strikes

The Shadow Strikes, 1937


A wealthy client is killed in the middle of a meeting.


Snapshot from Non-Stop New York

Non-Stop New York, 1937


A young woman is targetted on a transatlantic flight.


Snapshot from Great Guy

Great Guy, 1936


An investigator for the Bureau of Weights and Measures.


Snapshot from Sabotage

Sabotage, 1936


A detective for Scotland Yard is undercover, and hunting down a terrorist in London.


Snapshot from Rogues' Tavern

Rogues' Tavern, 1936


A mad killer is on the loose.


Snapshot from The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps, 1935


A man gets drawn into a counterespionage plot.


Snapshot from Mystery Liner

Mystery Liner, 1934


Police try and solve a murder aboard an ocean liner.


Snapshot from A Shriek in the Night

A Shriek in the Night, 1933


Ginger Rogers and Lyle Talbot bring this mystery covering multiple murders in the same apartment building.


Snapshot from The Kennel Murder Case

The Kennel Murder Case, 1933


A prominent collector is killed in a locked room, with no way in.


Snapshot from Police Patrol

Police Patrol, 1933


Two detectives are demoted after fighting over a woman.


Snapshot from A Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet, 1933


Members of a trust are being murdered, a widow goes to Sherlock Holmes.


Snapshot from The Death Kiss

The Death Kiss, 1932


A murder during filming prompts a manhunt on set.


Snapshot from The Benson Murder Case

The Benson Murder Case, 1930


A crooked stockholder is murdered.