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Snapshot from Peluca

Peluca, 2002


Seth skips school to buy a lottery ticket.


Snapshot from Go to Hell!

Go to Hell!, 1997


Little Red attempts to disrupts his father's plans.


Snapshot from Kindergarten Ninja

Kindergarten Ninja, 1994


He returns to earth to help rehabilitate a gridiron star.


Snapshot from Just Married

Just Married, 1985


A young couple faces their daily lives.


Snapshot from Girls On Top

Girls On Top, 1985


Four women. Four different ways of life. One apartment.


Snapshot from Abbott & Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Abbott & Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1977


They meet the mysterious Dr. Jekyll, and his strange alter-ego.


Snapshot from Murder by Death

Murder by Death, 1976


Five famous detectives are invited to a strange house to solve a crime that hasn't been comitted... Yet.


Snapshot from Die Jagd (The Hunt)

Die Jagd (The Hunt), 1968


A man hunts the grocery isles.


Snapshot from The Promoter

The Promoter, 1952


A young man is on his way up, so long as he can avoid a certain woman.


Snapshot from The Waltz

The Waltz, 1952


One of the few surviving episodes of the Beulah Show.


Snapshot from Father's Little Dividend

Father's Little Dividend, 1951


Shortly after coming to terms with his daughter's marriage, a man learns he will become a grandfather.


Snapshot from Great Rupert

Great Rupert, 1950


Christmas. A squirrel helps two poor families.


Snapshot from So This Is New York

So This Is New York, 1948


A small town man inherits a fortune and moves his family to the city.


Snapshot from Harold Diddleblock

Harold Diddleblock, 1947


A man has dreams of romance and success... Until he gets fired.


Snapshot from Hi-De-Ho

Hi-De-Ho, 1947


A jazz-fest of music and love affairs.


Snapshot from Shake Hands with Murder

Shake Hands with Murder, 1944


A female bond-broker and her partner try and prove his innocence.


Snapshot from One Body Too Many

One Body Too Many, 1944


An insurance investigator is sent to protect a millionaire who has received death threats.


Snapshot from Hi Diddle Diddle

Hi Diddle Diddle, 1943


A bride's mother is swindled, and the groom's father sets out to fix it.


Snapshot from Mr. Wise Guy

Mr. Wise Guy, 1942


The East Side Kids are sent to a high end reform school after being convicted of stealing a truck.


Snapshot from Sheriff of Tombstone

Sheriff of Tombstone, 1941


The mayor sends for a gunslinger, not to clean up the town, but to clean it out.


Snapshot from Fiesta

Fiesta, 1941


A woman returns to Mexico after a long absence, and everyone expects her to marry her childhood sweetheart... Until she arrives with a fiance.


Snapshot from Broadway Limited

Broadway Limited, 1941


A publicity stunt staged on a train begins to derail after a baby gets caught up in the mix. Misunderstandings and investigations mount.


Snapshot from Let's Go Collegiate

Let's Go Collegiate, 1941


A star rower is drafted right before the championship, so the team decides to try and pass off a truck driver as the athlete.


Snapshot from East Side Kids

East Side Kids, 1940


A young street kid grows up to become a cop.


Snapshot from The Gorilla

The Gorilla, 1939


A man under a death threat sends for investigators.


Snapshot from In Old Caliente

In Old Caliente, 1939


Cowboys journey west to California, looking for peace and quiet.


Snapshot from Swing High, Swing Lo

Swing High, Swing Lo, 1937


A singer stranded in Panama stays with an ex-soldier and a hypochondriac.


Snapshot from Affairs of Cappy Ricks

Affairs of Cappy Ricks, 1937


A captain returns from sea to discover his life in chaos. His daughter set to marry an idiot, his mother-in-law stealing his business, and his beloved boat turned into an automaton!


Snapshot from Shall We Dance

Shall We Dance, 1937


A classic musical. A classical ballet dancer falls for a tap dancer.


Snapshot from With Words and Music

With Words and Music, 1937


A man hatches a plan after a girl leads him on until he's broke.


Snapshot from Red Lights Ahead

Red Lights Ahead, 1936


A kindly grandfather is convinced to investi in a mine by his lazy grandchildren.


Snapshot from Swing Time

Swing Time, 1936


A gambler travels to New York to earn the $25,000 he needs to marry his sweetheart, but becomes entangled in a dancer.


Snapshot from Alexandra

Alexandra, 1934


A princess flees as revolution turns her home into a warzone.


Snapshot from The Gay Divorcee

The Gay Divorcee, 1934


A woman travels to England, seeking a divorce, employing the services of a bumbling attorney.


Snapshot from Pardon My Pups

Pardon My Pups, 1934


A young boy is disappointed when he receives a dog for his birthday.


Snapshot from Judge Priest

Judge Priest, 1934


A judge with humanity and common sense dispenses justice in a small town.


Snapshot from Poisoned Ivory

Poisoned Ivory, 1934


A wife thinks she accidentally poisoned her husband.


Snapshot from Managed Money

Managed Money, 1934


A young girl attempts to help her brother raise money for military academy.


Snapshot from War Babies

War Babies, 1932


The first Shirley Temple short. A bit... Odd.


Snapshot from The Death Kiss

The Death Kiss, 1932


A murder during filming prompts a manhunt on set.


Snapshot from Lambchops

Lambchops, 1929


George and Gracie walk into a room.


Snapshot from Puzzle

Puzzle, 1923


Max tries to work on a jigsaw puzzle.


Snapshot from The Kid

The Kid, 1921


Charlie Chaplin's Tramp cares for an abandoned child.


Snapshot from Natural Born Gambler

Natural Born Gambler, 1916


A well-dressed stranger with a wad of cash appears.


Snapshot from The Rival Mashers

The Rival Mashers, 1914


Chaplin and a rival compete for the affections of their landlady.


Snapshot from Charlot Charlies Recreation

Charlot Charlies Recreation, 1914


A drunk Chaplin visits a music hall.


Snapshot from The Landlady's Pet

The Landlady's Pet, 1914


A young boy takes misleading photos of his mother, and her favourite boarder.


Snapshot from The Masquerader

The Masquerader, 1914


After being tossed out by the director, Chaplin returns dressed as a lady.


Snapshot from Laffing Gas

Laffing Gas, 1914


Chaplin is an assitant to the dentist - but the patient doesn't know that!


Snapshot from Charlot Garcon de Theatre

Charlot Garcon de Theatre, 1914


Chaplin struggles on set, managing the luggage, and the stars themselves.