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Black And White

Snapshot from The Naked Kiss

The Naked Kiss, 2020


A prostitute, running from a traumatic past, tries to pick up the pieces of her life. Originally 1964. Recreated by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery, 2020


A group of bandits stage a hold-up, only to find that someone is already after them. Recreated by SIXTEENmm. Originally 1903.


Snapshot from The KGB Connections

The KGB Connections, 1982


A documentary on the KGB and the Soviet Union.


Snapshot from Crypt of the Living Dead

Crypt of the Living Dead, 1973


Two archeologists stumble into a crypt. Upscaled by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead, 1968


A group barricade themselves into a farmhouse when the dead rise.


Snapshot from The Naked Kiss

The Naked Kiss, 1964


A prostitute, running from a traumatic past, tries to pick up the pieces of her life.


Snapshot from Shame

Shame, 1962


A man is sent to stir up racist trouble and prevent the reintegration of a school.


Snapshot from Five Minutes to Live

Five Minutes to Live, 1961


A suburban bank robbery goes sideways.


Snapshot from Creature from the Haunted Sea

Creature from the Haunted Sea, 1961


A sailor decides to remove his fellow seamen, blaming a mythical sea creature.


Snapshot from The Devil's Hand

The Devil's Hand, 1961


A man is haunted by visions of a beautiful woman.


Snapshot from The Little Shop of Horrors

The Little Shop of Horrors, 1960


A man cares for his carnivorous plant.


Snapshot from Teenage Zombies

Teenage Zombies, 1959


A scientist has a nerve gas that turns teens into her slaves.


Snapshot from The House on the Haunted Hill

The House on the Haunted Hill, 1959


$10,000 for a night in a haunted house. What could go wrong?


Snapshot from The Giant Gila Monster

The Giant Gila Monster, 1959


A giant lizard threatens a small town.


Snapshot from The Incredible Petrified World

The Incredible Petrified World, 1959


Divers are lost after their diving bell cable breaks.


Snapshot from Wasp Woman

Wasp Woman, 1959


A rejuvinating procedure goes horribly wrong.


Snapshot from Tarzan and the Trappers

Tarzan and the Trappers, 1958


Tarzan deals with the consequences after eliminating a trapper.


Snapshot from I Bury the Living

I Bury the Living, 1958


A cemetary owner discovers a way to mystically murder.


Snapshot from The Indestructible Man

The Indestructible Man, 1956


A criminal betrayed by his crew is sentenced to death, but the case is still open.


Snapshot from The Fast and the Furious

The Fast and the Furious, 1955


A wrongly imprisoned man makes his escape.


Snapshot from Jail Bait

Jail Bait, 1954


A young man is drawn into a life of crime.


Snapshot from The Snow Creature

The Snow Creature, 1954


A search and rescue party stumbles across the Yeti.


Snapshot from Planet Outlaws

Planet Outlaws, 1953


Centuries in the future two men awake to find a tyranical leader in control.


Snapshot from Radarmen From the Moon

Radarmen From the Moon, 1952


The earth is under attack by an unknown force, perhaps originating from the moon.


Snapshot from Nice Try, Virgil

Nice Try, Virgil, 1952


We join a young man on his way to work...


Snapshot from The Scarf

The Scarf, 1951


A man committed to an insane asylum for a murder he doesn't remember, escapes.


Snapshot from The Torch

The Torch, 1950


A town is divided and thrown into chaos when a gang takes over.


Snapshot from Something in the City

Something in the City, 1950


For the last seven years since being fired, Mr. Ningle has been pretending to still be employed.


Snapshot from Quicksand

Quicksand, 1950


After a man 'borrows' $20 from his employer, things quickly spiral out of control.


Snapshot from The Capture

The Capture, 1950


An injured man appears at a priest's feet.


Snapshot from The Big Lift

The Big Lift, 1950


Berlin is under blockade, and two US sergeants find themselves in the middle of a different world.


Snapshot from The Great Dan Patch

The Great Dan Patch, 1949


Based on the story of the legendary trotting horse.


Snapshot from Jigsaw

Jigsaw, 1949


An Assistant District Attorney investigates a series of murders, but finds something worse.


Snapshot from Mr Adam's Bomb

Mr Adam's Bomb, 1949


A family suspect their eccentric Uncle of trying to construct a bomb in this somewhat rare film, starring an all-black cast.


Snapshot from Africa Screams

Africa Screams, 1949


Abott & Costello star in this film about Africa, diamonds, lies, and the depths of the jungle.


Snapshot from The Amazing Mr. X

The Amazing Mr. X, 1948


A woman hears her dead husband, and turns to a mysterious stranger for help.


Snapshot from Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven

Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven, 1948


A playwright and a woman leaving her life behind find each other at a gas station.


Snapshot from My Favourite Brunette

My Favourite Brunette, 1947


A man on death row explains how he got there.


Snapshot from Angel and the Bad Man

Angel and the Bad Man, 1947


John Wayne stars as Quirt Evans, a villain who is nursed back to health by a Quaker. He finds himself between two worlds.


Snapshot from Seven were Saved

Seven were Saved, 1947


A military transport crashes into the South China Sea.


Snapshot from The Brideless Groom

The Brideless Groom, 1947


One of the Three Stooges inherits a fortune - on the condition he marry. Before 6PM.


Snapshot from Harold Diddleblock

Harold Diddleblock, 1947


A man has dreams of romance and success... Until he gets fired.


Snapshot from Sing a Song of Six Pants

Sing a Song of Six Pants, 1947


The Three Stooges are tailors.


Snapshot from Shake Hands with Murder

Shake Hands with Murder, 1944


A female bond-broker and her partner try and prove his innocence.


Snapshot from Power Dive

Power Dive, 1941


Following a crash, a man and his brother attempt to build a plane to get them to safety.


Snapshot from Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror

Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror, 1938


A stamp collector leads an investigator to a larger conspiracy.


Snapshot from Rogue of the Range

Rogue of the Range, 1936


An undercover infiltration goes sideways soon after a prison break.


Snapshot from Song of the Fishermen

Song of the Fishermen, 1934


The struggles of a family of fishermen.


Snapshot from The Balloonatic

The Balloonatic, 1923


A strange man is obsessed with hot air baloons.


Snapshot from Natural Born Gambler

Natural Born Gambler, 1916


A well-dressed stranger with a wad of cash appears.