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Enhanced Audio and Upload Delays - Blog


I'm afraid we have some disappointing news today.

Some may have noticed that the New queue is dwindling somewhat.

This is not because we are running out of films. We currently have around 43 films awaiting in the upload queue, with more on the way.

The reason that the upload queue is so backed up is because we're in the process of repairing our current collection.

A few days ago we began to process the existing collection, with an eye for cleaning up the audio tracks. We chose a middling method, it'll attempt to fix terrible audio, but shouldn't touch it if it thinks it is within acceptable levels. This means it might miss some things, but it won't touch good audio.

Unfortunately, as of writing, only 28% of the collection has been processed, and due to the way our architecture works, we can't upload any new films whilst this process is happening.

Again, we're sorry for the delays, and hope to make up for it once this audio cleaning process is complete.

We shouldn't see something like this again in the near future - the audio cleaning method has been integrated into the rendering pipeline, so new films are cleaned before they arrive in the upload queue.

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