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We recently implemented a few new features.

They've been running, and we've been using them personally, but brobably about time we had a run down.

Autoplay Next

When a video in a series reaches the end of the credits, if there is a next video in sequence, then it will go to that page.

If you don't want to autoplay next - there's a tickbox below the video, next to the other controls. Untick it, and your preference will be remembered across the site.

If you have autoplay enabled, then the video should start playing straight away.

In this way, we can now binge watch. Trust me - I have been.

Advanced users

Keyboard Shortcuts

Below a playing video, you'll now find a series of keyboard shortcuts for navigating the video.

Note: For mobile users, we haven't implemented any shortcuts. Your browser probably already has decent controls for videos embedded in a webpage. We don't want to screw around with unintuitive swipes if we'll break stuff.

Advanced Users


Have you noticed the site is faster? Along with the above user-side features, we've implemented a ton of performance enhancements.

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