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There's been some recent discussion around streaming services, and displaying the end credits of series.

Most don't. They skip them, for their users convenience. Which may skip any post-credit scenes (which may actually have episodic impact for some anime).

We do have an autoplay next feature (which you can switch on/off without needing to dive into any settings), so it makes sense to have this discussion as well.

To put it simply: We display credits.

This gives credit to the original artists, and avoids any problems with post-credit scenes that might get missed.

We could have made this a user-toggle. So you could turn the feature on if you really wanted it. However, that seems like a lot of work (recording credit timings for currently 366 films) for behaviour we're not entirely sure we should encourage.

If a user wants to skip it, they already have two easy ways of doing:

That seems like enough of a compromise.

If this is a feature you would really like to see - then let us know that we're wrong. If enough people ask, then we'll consider implementing it.

For now, the story is a firm "no".

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