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One of the greatest problems with having so many movies from an incredible range of backgrounds is the quality.

In this day and age, quality is one of the most prized features of a movie. We have 4K re-releases, painstakingly craft from original movie film, we have restoration projects and other remasters.

However, you're never going to get a 4K re-release from a film of which no original tapes survived.

Some of the films in our collection have seen fire, smoke, radiation and water damage.

However, the quality in the collection is not static.

We upload new films constantly - at the moment we're making uploads around once a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

However, there is something we haven't broadcast publicly before, mostly because it wasn't really a concern, and is just part of running a film collection like this.

For every new film that enters the collection, there's about two that are simply re-uploaded with a better copy.

For example, today, we have these uploads:

Whatever the film, we will always strive to find a better copy, even if it does mean searching archive after archive.

That's a part of our service to our customers.

What about...?

If there's a film you adore, or a film that you just can't watch because the quality isn't good enough...

Reach out to us through the contact form, and we'll do our very best to get a better version for you.

It isn't always possible. Yet we have had surprising finds from the early 1910s in the past, so we might just succeed.

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