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We have a number of exclusives that we've created. These films often take months to put together, and involve a high level of R&D, each one building on the work of the previous... But they wouldn't be possible without the creative forces of those who created the films that we've restored and/or colorized.

The current copyright situation is nothing short of insane, the world over.

Films might remain copyright'd and out of the public eye for 70 years after the last person involved with them has died. This prevents the work from being easily enjoyed by the public, and it prevents one creative work from being allowed to inspire another.

In short, this is a terrible situation that kills creativity, something the film industry sorely needs more of.

So, even though exclusives are one of the value adds we use to sell ourselves, they aren't always "exclusive" to SIXTEENmm anymore.

We've already given back Murder Ahoy!, you can find it at the Internet Archive, under a fairly permissive license.

A scene from our colorized, 'Murder Ahoy!'

However, we've done a few more films since then, some with more or less cultural significance.

Today, we're releasing two more back to the public.

A scene from our restored 'The Story of the Kelly Gang'

You'll be able to find The Story of the Kelly Gang over here at the Internet Archive. This is quite possibly the world's first feature-length film, or it was before it was damaged. So few copies exist now, that the best-quality cut together we could make features water, fire and radiation damage. It's only 20 minutes of the hour-long feature.

A scene from our colorized 'Murder She Said'

You'll also be able to find Murder She Said at this link.

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