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Snapshot from Scared to Death

Scared to Death, 1947


Murder, hypnotism, a midget and a man in a mask.


Snapshot from Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street, 1947


When a man claiming to be Santa Claus is institutionalised, a lawyer decides to defend him as the real thing.


Snapshot from The Story of Menstruation

The Story of Menstruation, 1946


An old government educational film about menstruation.


Snapshot from Shock

Shock, 1946


Whilst waiting for the return of her husband from a POW camp, a fragile woman witnesses a brutal murder.


Snapshot from Dick Tracy vs Cueball

Dick Tracy vs Cueball, 1946


A set of diamonds is stolen, but before the thief can fence them, Cueball relieves him of his life... And that's not the last one he kills.


Snapshot from White Pongo

White Pongo, 1945


Scientists venture into the jungle in the search for an albino ape.


Snapshot from Attack in the Pacific

Attack in the Pacific, 1944


The US and Japan fought over a small series of otherwise insignificant islands in the Pacific throughout the war. These are their stories.


Snapshot from Minstrel Man

Minstrel Man, 1944


Follows a singer in a minstrel show.


Snapshot from Navy Way

Navy Way, 1944


A series of young men make their way through Navy boot camp.


Snapshot from Shake Hands with Murder

Shake Hands with Murder, 1944


A female bond-broker and her partner try and prove his innocence.


Snapshot from Aerial Gunner

Aerial Gunner, 1943


Basic training, rivals, and a woman. A timeless story.


Snapshot from Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer, 1943


A US documentary looking at the propoganda in Europe during World War II


Snapshot from Smart Alecks

Smart Alecks, 1942


A boy creates his own trouble when he aids in the capture of a wanted man.


Snapshot from The Payoff

The Payoff, 1942


A district attorney is murdered, but a reporter thinks there is more to the story.


Snapshot from The Corpse Vanishes

The Corpse Vanishes, 1942


A scientist is a plague upon the shadows of the night.


Snapshot from Billy the Kid Trapped

Billy the Kid Trapped, 1942


Horse chases, gun fights, fist fights and romance. It's Billy the Kid!


Snapshot from Road Show

Road Show, 1941


A man who realises he's about to marry a gold-digger feigns insanity to get out... But it doesn't go so well.


Snapshot from Power Dive

Power Dive, 1941


Following a crash, a man and his brother attempt to build a plane to get them to safety.


Snapshot from Invisible Ghost

Invisible Ghost, 1941


A man turns to murder after his wife leaves him.


Snapshot from Design for Murder

Design for Murder, 1940


A college student kidnaps the leader of a group who have been bullying him.


Snapshot from The Women

The Women, 1939


The entangled lives of well-connected women.


Snapshot from Made For Each Other

Made For Each Other, 1939


An ambitious lawyer marries a day after falling for a complete stranger.


Snapshot from South Riding

South Riding, 1938


A look at the intrigues that flow through the county council.


Snapshot from Tarzan and the Green Goddess

Tarzan and the Green Goddess, 1938


Tarzan heads to Guatemala in a quest to capture the Green Goddess, a totem of mysterious power.


Snapshot from Slander House

Slander House, 1938


A saloon owner contends with his boring fiance, the romantic new stranger, a little crazy, very jealous blonde and more.


Snapshot from Under the Big Top

Under the Big Top, 1938


A young trapeze artist's romance is sabotaged by family and rivals.


Snapshot from A Star is Born

A Star is Born, 1937


A young woman searching for stardom in Hollywood discovers it with the help of a drunk has-been.


Snapshot from Bulldog Drummond Escapes

Bulldog Drummond Escapes, 1937


Drummond is imprisoned when he makes moves to protect an heiress.


Snapshot from Sinful Cargo

Sinful Cargo, 1936


A movie producer is investigated for people smuggling.


Snapshot from The New Adventures of Tarzan

The New Adventures of Tarzan, 1935


Lord Greystoke, the famous Tarzan, is on a mission to save a friend, when they both get caught up in a worldchanging discovery.


Snapshot from Sultan Pepper

Sultan Pepper, 1934


The Little King is visited by a sultan.


Snapshot from The Scarlet Pimpernel

The Scarlet Pimpernel, 1934


A vigilante rescues those destined for the guillotine.


Snapshot from In Old Sante Fe

In Old Sante Fe, 1934


A cowboy is framed for murder.


Snapshot from The Man from Utah

The Man from Utah, 1934


A horse-riding rodeo turns deadly.


Snapshot from A Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet, 1933


Members of a trust are being murdered, a widow goes to Sherlock Holmes.


Snapshot from Hexentanz

Hexentanz, 1930


Fragment, and only surviving visual record, of Mary Wigman's 'Witch Dance'.


Snapshot from Glorifying the American Girl

Glorifying the American Girl, 1929


A young showgirl rises.


Snapshot from Rhythmus 23

Rhythmus 23, 1923


An early surrealist piece.


Snapshot from Anna Christie

Anna Christie, 1923


A young woman falls for a sailor, when she comes to live with her father.


Snapshot from Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and Lemons, 1923


A Laurel & Hardy. An orange packer gets into a tiff.


Snapshot from Crainquebille

Crainquebille, 1922


A vegetable peddler finds himself on the wrong side of an unforgiving justice system.


Snapshot from Nathan der Weise

Nathan der Weise, 1922


Once thought lost, this film is set during the Crusades.


Snapshot from Nosferatu

Nosferatu, 1922


Count Orlok haunts the reels of this truly classic German horror film.


Snapshot from One Week

One Week, 1920


A couple try and build a pre-fabricated house.


Snapshot from Namakura Sword

Namakura Sword, 1917


An early Japanese cartoon.


Snapshot from Police

Police, 1915


Chaplin is released from prison.


Snapshot from Patchwork Girl of Oz

Patchwork Girl of Oz, 1914


Ojo and Nunkie decide to go to the Emerald City, where they will never starve.


Snapshot from The Masquerader

The Masquerader, 1914


After being tossed out by the director, Chaplin returns dressed as a lady.


Snapshot from Mabel's Busy Day

Mabel's Busy Day, 1914


Chaplin steals a box of hotdogs.


Snapshot from Frankenstein

Frankenstein, 1910


A young medical student discovers the key to life.


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