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Snapshot from And the Word Was Made Flesh

And the Word Was Made Flesh, 2020


Does it getting weirder in colour? Yes it does.


Snapshot from The Battle of China

The Battle of China, 2019


The official USA account of China's defense against Japan during WWII. Originally 1944. Colorized by SIXTEENmm.


Snapshot from So Wrong, They're Right

So Wrong, They're Right, 1995


An exploration of the 8 track, and those who collect them.


Snapshot from The Vagrant

The Vagrant, 1992


A yuppie is convinced a homeless man is trying to destroy him.


Snapshot from Ninja Empire

Ninja Empire, 1990


US federal agents reach out to a group of ninjas to help them solve the murders of several prostitutes.


Snapshot from Ninja Death I

Ninja Death I, 1987


A brothel owner has his hands full when a group of ninjas attack!


Snapshot from Body Electric

Body Electric, 1985


Robots turn on their makers, destroying paradise. Feat. the music of RUSH.


Snapshot from Death of a Ninja

Death of a Ninja, 1982


A prophecy is made - whoever marries Ukio will become ruler of the world. Amongst those who vie for her hand is an evil lord.


Snapshot from Fist of Fear, Touch of Death

Fist of Fear, Touch of Death, 1980


A strangely estoric film about Bruce Lee.


Snapshot from Cry of the Innocent

Cry of the Innocent, 1980


A Green Beret investigates the plane crash that killed his family.


Snapshot from Shadow Ninja

Shadow Ninja, 1980


A veteran plays both sides of the law.


Snapshot from Defenders of Space

Defenders of Space, 1979


Something shows up on the space radar.


Snapshot from Cosmos War of the Planets

Cosmos War of the Planets, 1978


A spaceship investigates a planet that has fallen out of orbit.


Snapshot from Shaolin Invincibles

Shaolin Invincibles, 1977


Two women set out for vengeance after the Emperor's men butcher their families.


Snapshot from The Astral Factor

The Astral Factor, 1976


A convicted killer discovers a way to reach beyond his cell.


Snapshot from Bronk

Bronk, 1976


A cop drama based in California.


Snapshot from Rattlers

Rattlers, 1976


An investigation into a series of fatal rattlesnake attacks leads to something more.


Snapshot from Death Machines

Death Machines, 1976


An evil sorceress turns three martial artists into assassins and sends them against her enemies.


Snapshot from Funeral for an Assassin

Funeral for an Assassin, 1974


An assassin guns for his former employer after he's betrayed.


Snapshot from The Gun and the Pulpit

The Gun and the Pulpit, 1974


A wanted gunslinger finds the dead body of a preacher, and a new start.


Snapshot from Gone with the West

Gone with the West, 1974


A cowboy has finished his unjust term in prison. Now it's vengeance.


Snapshot from Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon

Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon, 1973


The inmates of an insane asylum seize control.


Snapshot from Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Beneath the Planet of the Apes, 1972


A sole survivor searches for those he was sent to rescue. Shortened and produced for Super 8.


Snapshot from The Adventures of the Young Pioneers

The Adventures of the Young Pioneers, 1971


Scouts take on the Germans.


Snapshot from Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman, 1969


When the first snow is a Christmas snow, something wonderful is bound to happen.


Snapshot from Hell in Normandy

Hell in Normandy, 1968


A parachute unit is sent to destroy a German flamethrower installation at Omaha Beach


Snapshot from Son of Frankenstein

Son of Frankenstein, 1966


A semi-sensical recut of the 1939 film by Castle Films.


Snapshot from Hairbrained Barbers

Hairbrained Barbers, 1965


The Stooges work at a French barbershop.


Snapshot from Damon & Pythias

Damon & Pythias, 1962


Pythias is condemned to death by a tyrant, and then placed in a trap between belief, and freedom.


Snapshot from Black Tights

Black Tights, 1961


A strange Parisian film across four different continuities.


Snapshot from The Real West

The Real West, 1961


The real west was far harsher, and far less glamorous than Hollywood portrays.


Snapshot from Very Important Person

Very Important Person, 1961


British POWs discover a new prisoner is an officer who must be freed at any cost.


Snapshot from First Spaceship on Venus

First Spaceship on Venus, 1960


An alien artifact linked to Venus is discovered on Earth.


Snapshot from Last Woman on Earth

Last Woman on Earth, 1960


After swimming on vacation, three people conclude they are the last people alive.


Snapshot from A Bucket of Blood

A Bucket of Blood, 1959


A busboy discovers fame after covering up the killing of his landlady's cat.


Snapshot from The Giant of Marathon

The Giant of Marathon, 1959


A Greek soldier leads when the Persians invade.


Snapshot from The Devil's Pass

The Devil's Pass, 1957


A man tries to buy back his father's boat.


Snapshot from Raiders of Old California

Raiders of Old California, 1957


In the aftermath of the Mexican-American war, a crooked captain sees an opportunity.


Snapshot from Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden, 1954


A war widow and her daughter find shelter at a nudist colony when they get lost.


Snapshot from Suddenly

Suddenly, 1954


In the small town of Suddenly, three gangsters trap a family in their home. Starring Frank Sinatra.


Snapshot from Long John Silver

Long John Silver, 1954


In a sequel to Treasure Island, Long John Silver sets out to save Jim from a rival pirate.


Snapshot from Beneath the 12-Mile Reef

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef, 1953


A father and son dive team off the coast of Greece are robbed.


Snapshot from Both Sides of the Law

Both Sides of the Law, 1953


A fictionalised documentary-style look into police women of the time.


Snapshot from The Bushwhackers

The Bushwhackers, 1952


A rancher and his daughter are murdering settlers on the road.


Snapshot from Under California Stars

Under California Stars, 1948


A rancher hunts down a gang holding a hostage.


Snapshot from Race Street

Race Street, 1948


A police lieutenant and a bookie look into the death of a friend.


Snapshot from Women in the Night

Women in the Night, 1948


Sex slaves serving the officer's mess in Germany near the end of the war attempt to destroy the plans for a cosmic death ray.


Snapshot from So This Is New York

So This Is New York, 1948


A small town man inherits a fortune and moves his family to the city.


Snapshot from The Quiet One

The Quiet One, 1948


The rehabilitation of scarred and abused child from the Witwyck School.


Snapshot from Sleep, My Love

Sleep, My Love, 1948


A woman wakes up on a train with no memory of how she got there.


Snapshot from The Fabulous Dorseys

The Fabulous Dorseys, 1947


A songwriter finds out his girlfriend is going to be an artist's model.


Snapshot from Angel and the Bad Man

Angel and the Bad Man, 1947


John Wayne stars as Quirt Evans, a villain who is nursed back to health by a Quaker. He finds himself between two worlds.


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